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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Where in the hell has she been?

So I was looking for a new job in January, found one in February, went to Cuba, (I'm very meh on Cuba, I must say - ants in the hotel, terrible service and we nearly got robbed by our maid. Nice beach through) came home and I’ve been in Montreal ever since. I’ve not been home except for the occasional weeknight and most weekends. I fly out at 7 AM every Monday morning (which means I’m up at 430 AM) and back in the city around 7-ish Friday nights. I’m exhausted. I’ve been chastised to no end about my lack of blog writing. I feel badly about having neglected my site. I feel even worse about not ever seeing my sister, friends and about the fact that I’ve somehow become accustomed to only five hours sleep.

The highlight of the last several weeks is I think… when my new boss and I got escorted out of the office at midnight by the cleaning staff – they’d waited an extra half hour for us to finish up. My boss’s car was locked into the parking garage so I had to drive it out of downtown to the airport the next morning for our 8 AM flight. Gha.

On the upside, I had a great meeting last weekend – making the late nights worth it (yawn). Hopefully from this point on, things start to settle down. I’ll still be in Montreal each week – but I’ll finally start working from home a few days per week. Plus I do have tons of super cool free stuff. So I’m starting to see the upside. I might have time to do something other than laundry and re-packing my suitcase….

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