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Monday, April 24, 2006

Coachella in 5 sleeps

I just spent a few minutes looking around the Coachella site and I've got to say... I'm finally starting to get pretty pumped! I've been ever so unpleasantly stressed of late that I really have had no time to get excited about anything. Now that the surprise 30th birthday party finally has a bit of structure (dress is bought, invites are out, room is booked, Grocery Gateway order placed, booze purchased), and work is starting to feel like a normal job (I just lied - it doesn't yet, but I haven't lost all optimism yet...), I feel a bit better about taking off for several days to the warm, welcoming climate of southern California.

I was just glancing through the lineup (I actually have the Coachella Real Player on right now!) and although I know a lot more bands this year vs. last (thank you KEXP), I feel less like I'm planning to see certain ones - don't get me wrong - I will dance to the Scissor Sisters and there are a few Canadian notables that I won't miss: Metric, the Dears, Wolf Parade, but for the most part, I'm looking forward to having the music, sunshine and beautiful, beautiful environs wash over me as I lay in on the grass, blissfully appreciating.

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