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Friday, January 27, 2006

Who's the poser?

So Greektown got us on the list for a NO COVER live concert event at the Phoenix last night – it was a CBC thing – they were taping a bunch of bands for a TV special and we were part of the crowd shots. Or rather would have been, if we were actually standing in the crowd. No, we decided to get pissed, standing off to the side (as we are wont to do) with some other rather camera-shy people (read as: not hoochied to eyeteeth and dying to show all their friends just how indie-music trendy sick they all are by being at the show and saying “see, there I am”… standing impassively in the crowd – too cool to show any enthusiasm. Toronto show audiences annoy me and I am loathe to appear as one of them – I rather enjoy reveling in my contempt. Ahem, Greektown’s contempt.).

So there we are, having drinks and LOVING the show – the lineup was Kyle Riabko (you all know that I LOVE this kid), Ron Sexsmith, Graft Noel (that can’t be right), Matt Mays and El Torpedo, The Constantines and the Stills. Milling around us were several shaggy-haired dudes that had that kind of put-upon “I’m in a band look.” Well, that and they had a manager guy buying them drinks and hoochies hanging around them. So seriously, these guys were out there like they were the goddamn Arcade Fire. Neither Greektown nor I had any idea who they were and for a while, actually thought that either Matt Mays , the Cons or the Stills had gone through an extreme makeover episode and ended up wearing ascots…

At one point, I leaned over and asked one of the guys standing near us (remember, we’re VERY chatty when we’re properly pissed) and asked what band those guys were in. He points to one of them and says “I think that guy’s Kevin Federline.” “Oh,” I said, “I’m pretty sure that guy is Michael Hutchens back from the dead.” As the night wore on, our confusion deepened. Who were these guys? The ascot guy comes over to his posse at one point and reports back to the group that a girl approached him at the bar and asked if he was in a band. “Yes, I’m in a band” he replied with as much condescension possible. Their manager (the ascot’s brother) actually cornered some media-type girl and did an interview. More confusion.

Finally, near the end of the night, our curiosity got the best of us… they had to be somebody? With all the courage of a six-pack of beer backing me up, I touched the shoulder of who can only be described as music’s equivalent of the comic book store guy in the Simpson’s.Hi there… you seem to know your way around here – I think you’ve talked to just about anyone who’s anyone… do me a favor – what band are those guys in?Comic book store guy (not at all seeing through my drunken flattery), after telling me a story about how he’s good friends with every major Canadian band (yawn), explains that they’re Shaker, working on their first record. Apparently Sam Robert’s manager is dating someone in the band and they’ve performed with Sam Roberts recently (a Google search this morning revealed that they performed with Sam Roberts ONCE in Peterborough...LOL). After enduring a few more minutes of comic book store guy talking about how many people he knows and throwing around music facts to impress me (double yawn), I thankfully escape to the sound of the Constantines taking the stage.

Make a note. No matter how good Shaker is, I already hate them a bit for being such godawful poser snobs. EAT MY ASS.

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