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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I've broken my surfboard.

Oh dear, I’ve missed the first wave.

Unless I get married in the next five months (yeah right, you’ve all seen me VERY drunk and even in that state I’d never consider it!), I have officially missed it.

This revelation hit me today as I chatted with our office’s administrative assistant. She’s got a daughter the same age as me who got married last summer and who’s now trying for her first child. Blah, blah, talking about how I’ve not married and that even among my Toronto friends, we singletons are starting to look pretty thin in numbers, when it occurs to me. It hits me like a wall – that’s it! I am the girl who’s not gotten married in the first round. Round one is over. I’ve surpassed the statistics. I am my own statistic. Nearly 30 years old and I couldn’t be farther away from it.

ASIDE: does anyone watch Austin City Limits? I’m watching Coldplay cover Jonny Cash’s Ring of Fire. AWESOME. I do not love Coldplay (I have grown to like them since Coachella though), but this is one of the best covers of any song I’ve ever seen. It’s up there with Our Lady Peace covering the Beatles’ Dear Prudence. But I digress.

Now this is not a lamentation. This is what I want. I want to live this life. A year ago in one of my first posts, I wrote about how I liked being able to eat at fantastic restaurants, buy silly clothes, go on all kinds of incredible trips and essentially live my life with only one objective: Have fun. I still want to live like this. Maybe you think I’m immature. Unable to commit. Scared.

Okay, so I’m a little of all those things. Whatever (eat me). I know this. I’m happy like this. I’m not ready for the responsibility of shared accounts, shared laundry (I’m aghast), showing someone my bank accounts (how would I EVER explain all that? Imagine if I had to justify a VISA statement. I’d rather be killed). I’m actually growing more horrified about the whole thing as I write this. I like being the only one who judges me and the only one in charge of said FUN.

ASIDE: NOW Michael Stipe is playing with Coldplay (They’re playing a Joseph Arthur song… hmmm, isn’t he the guy who opened for REM at the Hummingbird Theatre last year?). I LOVE this show. Yeah, now Nightswimming. Dayam.

Point is, I’m so excited to be turning 30. I have only one goal that I’ve yet to accomplish – buying a condo or some kind of property. Yeah, I’ll get to that soon – I have this crazy theory that it’ll take care of itself. The condo will come and find me at the right time. I know, I’m cracked. Otherwise, it’s all good. I am exactly where I need to be right now and I think I’m still headed in the right direction. Perhaps I’ll get taken up in the next wave or maybe not. As long as I’m still having fun, I don’t suppose it’s worth worrying about.

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