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Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm too old for this

So we got tarted up, hit Embrujo Flamenco for tapas, sangria and some flamenco dancing (and maybe some shameless flirting with the waiter for Greektown...) and tried to hit Nostalgia, the party at Level Nightclub in the club district downtown. I say tried because when we arrived around 11 PM, the place had been locked down. All we got from the night was about a dozen crabby cops and bouncers telling us that we had to clear out. Goddamn those guys are aggravating!!!

I was not the only person who thought so - Greektown actually got mad at one of the cops - when he told us to move off the sidewalk, Greektown got in his face and said "I know my rights! You don't own the sidewalks!" That almost made the whole expedition down there worth it.

So after an even worse experience at Tonic (Don't get me started - just don't ever go there!!), we decided to join our people at the Phoenix. Ah... our peeps - 90's rock dudes... Pickering Princess decided that it was project night and kept collecting boy outcasts that no one else would dance with. We were quite a sight by the end of the night... we three girls and a bunch of odd looking boys, the worst of them being this weirdo wearing a wifebeater and jogging pants and who at one point was suspending himself in the doorway to one of the rooms. All in a night with the Princess...

I can't even wait for Shuffle!

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