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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Would You Look At That...

Coachella 2006


Saturday, April 29:
Depeche Mode, Franz Ferdinand, Sigur Ros, Common, Damian Marley, Atmosphere, Carl Cox, My Morning Jacket, Ladytron , Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Tosca, Cat Power, Animal Collective, Hard-Fi, Derrick Carter, Devendra Banhart, She Wants Revenge, The Walkmen, The Juan Maclean, Audio Bullys, Imogen Heap, Lady Sovereign, Deerhoof, The Duke Spirit, Editors, stellastarr*, Lyrics Born, Matt Costa, The New Amsterdams, The Zutons, Platinum Piped Pipers, White Rose Movement, Chris Liberator, Colette, Joey Beltram, Hybrid, Wolfmother, The Like, Living Things, Nine Black Alps, The Section Quartet, Infadels, Youth Group, Shy FX & T Power, Infusion

Sunday, April 30:
Tool, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bloc Party, Paul Oakenfold, Scissor Sisters, Matisyahu, James Blunt, TV on the Radio, Sleater-Kinney , Mogwai, Coheed and Cambria, Gnarls Barkley, Coldcut, Phoenix, Digable Planets, Amadou & Mariam, Little Louie Vega, Mylo (DJ Set), Seu Jorge, Wolf Parade, The Go! Team, Kaskade, Metric, Art Brut, Dungen, The Dears, Jamie Lidell, The Magic Numbers, Los Amigos Invisibles, Jazzanova, Michael Mayer, Mates of State, Gilles Peterson, Gabriel & Dresden, The Subways, Minus the Bear, Be Your Own Pet, Giant Drag, Kristina Sky, The Octopus Project

It seems day two is Canada day with the Dears, Wolf Parade and Metric, all of whom I've seen in the last year. I'm so excited, I think I just threw up in my mouth. I'm also super pumped about booing James Blunt and singing along with the Scissor Sisters? Think they'll go into to Take Your Momma Out with the Take Me Out, Franz Ferdinand intro???

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Who's the poser?

So Greektown got us on the list for a NO COVER live concert event at the Phoenix last night – it was a CBC thing – they were taping a bunch of bands for a TV special and we were part of the crowd shots. Or rather would have been, if we were actually standing in the crowd. No, we decided to get pissed, standing off to the side (as we are wont to do) with some other rather camera-shy people (read as: not hoochied to eyeteeth and dying to show all their friends just how indie-music trendy sick they all are by being at the show and saying “see, there I am”… standing impassively in the crowd – too cool to show any enthusiasm. Toronto show audiences annoy me and I am loathe to appear as one of them – I rather enjoy reveling in my contempt. Ahem, Greektown’s contempt.).

So there we are, having drinks and LOVING the show – the lineup was Kyle Riabko (you all know that I LOVE this kid), Ron Sexsmith, Graft Noel (that can’t be right), Matt Mays and El Torpedo, The Constantines and the Stills. Milling around us were several shaggy-haired dudes that had that kind of put-upon “I’m in a band look.” Well, that and they had a manager guy buying them drinks and hoochies hanging around them. So seriously, these guys were out there like they were the goddamn Arcade Fire. Neither Greektown nor I had any idea who they were and for a while, actually thought that either Matt Mays , the Cons or the Stills had gone through an extreme makeover episode and ended up wearing ascots…

At one point, I leaned over and asked one of the guys standing near us (remember, we’re VERY chatty when we’re properly pissed) and asked what band those guys were in. He points to one of them and says “I think that guy’s Kevin Federline.” “Oh,” I said, “I’m pretty sure that guy is Michael Hutchens back from the dead.” As the night wore on, our confusion deepened. Who were these guys? The ascot guy comes over to his posse at one point and reports back to the group that a girl approached him at the bar and asked if he was in a band. “Yes, I’m in a band” he replied with as much condescension possible. Their manager (the ascot’s brother) actually cornered some media-type girl and did an interview. More confusion.

Finally, near the end of the night, our curiosity got the best of us… they had to be somebody? With all the courage of a six-pack of beer backing me up, I touched the shoulder of who can only be described as music’s equivalent of the comic book store guy in the Simpson’s.Hi there… you seem to know your way around here – I think you’ve talked to just about anyone who’s anyone… do me a favor – what band are those guys in?Comic book store guy (not at all seeing through my drunken flattery), after telling me a story about how he’s good friends with every major Canadian band (yawn), explains that they’re Shaker, working on their first record. Apparently Sam Robert’s manager is dating someone in the band and they’ve performed with Sam Roberts recently (a Google search this morning revealed that they performed with Sam Roberts ONCE in Peterborough...LOL). After enduring a few more minutes of comic book store guy talking about how many people he knows and throwing around music facts to impress me (double yawn), I thankfully escape to the sound of the Constantines taking the stage.

Make a note. No matter how good Shaker is, I already hate them a bit for being such godawful poser snobs. EAT MY ASS.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Voting is HOT

Hot guys vote. It was like single night at the polling station last night – all these hot guys in suits, doing their civic duty and as such. Yummy.

So beyond the fact that I really enjoyed being at the polling station, I also really like voting. In fact, other than a municipal election back East that took place days before I was moving to Toronto, I’ve never missed an election. Even when traveling abroad, I’ve always managed to hit an advance poll and make it work. There’s such a tremendous sense of ownership and accomplishment over such a really simple act. And despite being none-too-pleased about the outcome, it could have been much worse.

I must admit to being very pleased/relieved to see that turnout was up – it drives me crazy that so many people don’t in any way identify with that responsibility. I also loved being at the polling station and seeing so many people, from all over the world who’ve chosen Canada as their home and don’t take the right to vote for granted. And, at the end of the day, I’ve earned another 4 years (let’s be real here, 2 years) to talk politics without being a hypocrite. Awesome.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm too old for this

So we got tarted up, hit Embrujo Flamenco for tapas, sangria and some flamenco dancing (and maybe some shameless flirting with the waiter for Greektown...) and tried to hit Nostalgia, the party at Level Nightclub in the club district downtown. I say tried because when we arrived around 11 PM, the place had been locked down. All we got from the night was about a dozen crabby cops and bouncers telling us that we had to clear out. Goddamn those guys are aggravating!!!

I was not the only person who thought so - Greektown actually got mad at one of the cops - when he told us to move off the sidewalk, Greektown got in his face and said "I know my rights! You don't own the sidewalks!" That almost made the whole expedition down there worth it.

So after an even worse experience at Tonic (Don't get me started - just don't ever go there!!), we decided to join our people at the Phoenix. Ah... our peeps - 90's rock dudes... Pickering Princess decided that it was project night and kept collecting boy outcasts that no one else would dance with. We were quite a sight by the end of the night... we three girls and a bunch of odd looking boys, the worst of them being this weirdo wearing a wifebeater and jogging pants and who at one point was suspending himself in the doorway to one of the rooms. All in a night with the Princess...

I can't even wait for Shuffle!

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Imogene Heap looks like Darlene

Have you seen the show Hatching, Matching and Dispatching on the CBC? Imogene Heap looks like the Darlene, the daughter. Yikes.

Anyhow, aside from the scary hair and outfit, Imogene Heap was fantastic. I'll admit (risking the scorn of music snobs everywhere) that I find her cd difficult to listen to - a bit much electronica-vocals for my taste. But Imogene live was a different story... the show was fantastic - she sold out the El-Mo. She had this really cool set-up with a couple of keyboards, a laptop and bunch of mikes. Luckily it was mostly her unadulterated voice throughout the night. The only voice getting under my skin was the crazy Imogene fan standing behind us. I believe he actually said "I will be one irritated bastard if she doesn't play that song." He followed that gem up with "Go ahead! Leave! Now that she's played the OC song! Not like real fans!" Yeowzah.

And what was with the completely bitchy girl in front of us who was MAD at her boyfriend? He kept rubbing her back and offering her a better view and she kept shaking him off. Come on! I'm sure she was mad, but that dude really tried...

Anyhow, I was moderately excited to go to the show. I definitely got my money's worth.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Oh for crap sakes... not him!!

January 6th marks the one year anniversary of my dear blog. How fitting that I should have missed it by a few days as I generally miss everyone's birthdays by a day or two (or five...). Vermont, I haven't missed your b-day, have I? It's in February, right? Maybe Greektown and I will swing by to help you celebrate? Hun? Can we???

Anyhow, happy blog birthday to me.

Maybe when it turns 30 it will also have Three Weeks of Thirty (I should trademark that) celebrations.

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I've broken my surfboard.

Oh dear, I’ve missed the first wave.

Unless I get married in the next five months (yeah right, you’ve all seen me VERY drunk and even in that state I’d never consider it!), I have officially missed it.

This revelation hit me today as I chatted with our office’s administrative assistant. She’s got a daughter the same age as me who got married last summer and who’s now trying for her first child. Blah, blah, talking about how I’ve not married and that even among my Toronto friends, we singletons are starting to look pretty thin in numbers, when it occurs to me. It hits me like a wall – that’s it! I am the girl who’s not gotten married in the first round. Round one is over. I’ve surpassed the statistics. I am my own statistic. Nearly 30 years old and I couldn’t be farther away from it.

ASIDE: does anyone watch Austin City Limits? I’m watching Coldplay cover Jonny Cash’s Ring of Fire. AWESOME. I do not love Coldplay (I have grown to like them since Coachella though), but this is one of the best covers of any song I’ve ever seen. It’s up there with Our Lady Peace covering the Beatles’ Dear Prudence. But I digress.

Now this is not a lamentation. This is what I want. I want to live this life. A year ago in one of my first posts, I wrote about how I liked being able to eat at fantastic restaurants, buy silly clothes, go on all kinds of incredible trips and essentially live my life with only one objective: Have fun. I still want to live like this. Maybe you think I’m immature. Unable to commit. Scared.

Okay, so I’m a little of all those things. Whatever (eat me). I know this. I’m happy like this. I’m not ready for the responsibility of shared accounts, shared laundry (I’m aghast), showing someone my bank accounts (how would I EVER explain all that? Imagine if I had to justify a VISA statement. I’d rather be killed). I’m actually growing more horrified about the whole thing as I write this. I like being the only one who judges me and the only one in charge of said FUN.

ASIDE: NOW Michael Stipe is playing with Coldplay (They’re playing a Joseph Arthur song… hmmm, isn’t he the guy who opened for REM at the Hummingbird Theatre last year?). I LOVE this show. Yeah, now Nightswimming. Dayam.

Point is, I’m so excited to be turning 30. I have only one goal that I’ve yet to accomplish – buying a condo or some kind of property. Yeah, I’ll get to that soon – I have this crazy theory that it’ll take care of itself. The condo will come and find me at the right time. I know, I’m cracked. Otherwise, it’s all good. I am exactly where I need to be right now and I think I’m still headed in the right direction. Perhaps I’ll get taken up in the next wave or maybe not. As long as I’m still having fun, I don’t suppose it’s worth worrying about.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

I'm Worried...

I think I’m beginning the year a little too well. For starters, I’ve got several incredible shows lined up: Imogen Heap, Broken Social Scene and Deadly Snakes/Constantines. Add to that the Top Ten Canadian Films mini-festival at which I’m seeing Water, La Neuvaine, The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico and another documentary as well as attending a discussion panel with the director of much acclaimed Montreal film (and apparently has some Oscar buzz as well) C.R.A.Z.Y and my all time hero, Atom Egoyan. Did I mention that the directors are all attending the screenings of my films? Yes, that's right - Deepa Mehta will be attending the screening (at Jackman Hall at the AGO - holds about what? 50-75 people?) and doing a Q&A. Uh hun, the same Deepa Mehta who's film Water was the Opening Gala of the Toronto International Film Festival. I LOVE my life.

In addition to all that (as if it weren’t enough already), I’ve also got tickets to my first theatre production of the year, Soulpepper’s Our Town and several very cool club parties – Shuffle (which we routinely get invited to and love going to) AND Nostalgia, which is several degrees cooler (and involves swaggering up, whatever that means) than Shuffle and to which we had to EARN our invite. Yeah, I’m pumped.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Year In Review:

Ten Best/Most Interesting things that happened in 2005 (in no particular order)

  • Went to Jays Fest and met Shea Hillenbrand, Corey Koskie and Roy Halliday (okay, this really is the best of the best – everything else is in no particular order).
  • Flew out to Coachella and hung out in the VIP area (Danny Devito, a Backstreet Boy, Scott Speedman and many more).
  • Sat next to Sarah from the Arcade Fire on my flight to LA – later met the rest of the Arcade Fire after being front row(-ish) for their show at Coachella.
  • Went to the Mayan Riviera for a week of divine relaxation.
  • MC’d my brother’s wedding (then hosted my brother and his wife for a fantastic visit in November).
  • Wrote an article about the Stella McCartney collection at H&M for DOSE.
  • Sat next to Wycleff Jean and in front of Cynthia Nixon during the TIFF screening of One Last Thing, then met Ethan Hawk. Greektown subsequently iced Ethan Hawk in DOSE.
  • Cowgirl got engaged, 615 Windsor got pregnant – if I could have wished for anything in 2005, this would have been it!
  • Got invited backstage at a club show of one of our favorite bands (ah, wonder who?), then hung out on their tour bus.
  • Generally had a ton of fun with amazing friends and chronicled it all here for you to read. I suspect that the coming year will be more of the same – a girl can only hope!

Thanks for sticking with me. Writing this blog was definitely a highlight. This is going to be a helluva year!

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Monday, January 02, 2006

This is the New Year

It’s a Monday morning, 1130 AM and I’m sitting in my robe, drinking a lovely cup of coffee and psyching myself up for a run. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

I have to say, 2006 – not so bad. Had a great and rather hysterical NYE games night get-together where much food and drink was consumed. Suffice it to say that any night where you get to say “sexual man-juice” and “black leather zippered gimp suit” and make numerous references to vibrators, is invariable a great start to a new year.

That said, I’m glad the holidays are over. Not that I’m in any hurry to get back to work – not so much. However, the holidays were somewhat stressful: driving back to the east coast instead of flying (NEVER again), facing a difficult family situation (somewhat resolved, though not back to normal by any stretch), and the much-dreaded gift exchange with the man. Why dreaded? See if I can explain this… I was scared of being disappointed. I didn’t have crazy expectations or anything, I was just worried that it wouldn’t be a gift that suited me – you know? I, like many of you I’m sure, like to read into this sort of thing – the gift as representative of how well he knows me – that sort of complete ass stuff. Anyhow, I had nothing at all to fear, it turned out – it was perfect.

So with all of the stress behind me and a much more peaceful state-of-mind currently in place, I face the New Year with some resolutions: There are many and definitely evenly weighted…

In 2006, I will:

  • Be in a job that I love
  • CELEBRATE turning 30 (there are already three weeks of celebrations planned)
  • Improve my health situation (read as: take vitamins and fish oil for my heart)
  • Run a half-marathon (hopefully the conclusion to the three weeks of birthday celebrations)
  • Make the tough call (I sometimes like to procrastinate on tough issues – I want to do this less)
  • Go to New York City (and see a Yankees game!)

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