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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

We're fighting.

Rogers Customer Care
855 York Mills Road
Don Mills, Ontario
M3B 1Z1

December 6, 2005

Dear Customer Care:

I recently had a very unpleasant experience with Rogers. On Monday, November 26th, I signed up online for the Rogers Express Hi-Speed Internet Service. I received my email confirmation of the service and opted to pick up the modem and do the set-up on my own time.

Later that afternoon, I called the Rogers Video store near my home. I indicated to the clerk who answered the phone that I was looking for a Rogers Express Internet modem. The clerk informed me that they had none in stock and would not have any soon. He suggested that I call another store. I asked him if he could order a modem into the store for me. I was told he would not.

Frustrated, I called the Rogers 1-888 number and after struggling through the voice-prompt menu, I finally arrived at a live agent. I explained to the agent that I wanted to pick up an Express modem box and that the store closest to me had none and wouldn’t order one for me. I explained that I was not inclined to start calling every Rogers store in the city to track one down, nor was it convenient for me to wait at home for a technician (I work out of the city). The customer service agent called another store within walking distance and informed me that he had arranged for a modem to be put on hold for me until 8 PM that night.

That evening, I headed out to the Rogers store (in a snowstorm) to pick up my modem. Upon arriving, I requested the Express modem. I was informed that they had no Express modems, only Extreme modems. The agent that called the store had requested the wrong modem. The clerk suggested that I call other stores in the city to find one. Very frustrated, I asked the agent to cancel my order and then left.

Upon my return home, I called the Rogers 1-888 number and again, after navigating the voice-prompt system, finally arrived at a live agent. I requested to speak to a manager or supervisor. The customer service agent insisted that I give all of my personal information first. After doing so, he informed me that no manager or supervisors were available and asked the reason for my call. I recounted my experience. The agent very kindly attempted to accommodate my schedule with a technician, however my schedule and the unavailability of a technician on the weekend made it impossible. I again asked that a supervisor or manager return my call when one became available. I have not yet been contacted.

I have been a loyal Rogers customer for many years. I estimate my personal current year’s spending on Rogers products to be approximately as follows:

Rogers Cable (102.00/month) $1,224
Cell Phone (minimum of $60/month) $ 720
Two Rogers Magazine subscriptions $ 40
Total $1,984

I am very disappointed with my service experience and the total disregard for customer care. I look forward to discontinuing my services with Rogers as other options become available.

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