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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I slept throught the night!! (No, I am not a six-month old...)

It has been MONTHS since I woke up and the first thought I had was, God I feel good. I wouldn’t say that I bounded out of bed – that’s a bit of a stretch – but I definitely threw back the covers much, much happier for the first time in ages.

Perhaps I ended up in a sugar coma? Last night I crafted three batches of caramel sauce, a lower-fat version, a full butter version and a bourbon version. Yummy. Might throw a spiced rum into the last batch. So with that, my jams, the finished cds and the assorted baked goods that I’m going to throw together over the next weekends, my Christmas baskets (this year they’re Christmas bags) are nearing completion. I’m actually pretty pleased with myself – I’ve for the most part finished all of my shopping except for a few odds and ends for my brother’s stocking. Yes, that’s right – finished.

I absolutely love doing Christmas baking. I have a few favorites that always make it into the baskets – brownies and Skor bars – and this year I’m adding a low-fat biscotti and I think either a strawberry cheesecake square or pecan bourbon cookies. I’m obsessed with booze, what can I say? Hmm, maybe some kind of shortbread cookie too. Good thing I’m not much on snacking on this stuff or I’d be 8 million lbs by the time Christmas rolled around…

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