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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ahem... a few words

I feel a bit of a rant coming on today. Oh look at that… a soapbox… don’t mind if I do

One of yesterday’s big news items was this idiot who was acquitted of rape because he has sexsomnia. I want to hunt down and torture whoever came up with this asinine diagnosis. Granted, I don’t know the ins and outs of the actual case, other than what was reported yesterday, but the woman woke up with the rapist (yes, rapist, I don’t give a goddamn if he was acquitted) in the process of raping her. Ah, and the guy somehow, in his sexsomnia stupor managed to put a condom on. Blind Rage. I immediately thought of one of my good friends from university that was date raped and actually had the courage to face him in court. (Fist waving in air).

So now that I’m angry… how about navigating a political minefield? In today’s Wall Street Journal:

Meanwhile, a newly released Reagan-era document shows that Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito advocated using state laws to erode or overturn abortion rights and is expected to intensify the debate over his nomination. Senate hearings are scheduled to open early next month, and activists on both sides of the debate are trying to divine whether he would try to steer the court toward overturning Roe v. Wade, The Wall Street Journal reports. In the 1985 memo, Judge Alito defended a host of state-passed restrictions similar to the New Hampshire law that were under court challenge at the time, from parental consent to a requirement that doctors provide women with details about the health risks of abortion and the development of the fetus. "Roe took from state lawmakers the authority to make this choice and gave it to the pregnant woman. Does it not follow," he asks, that the woman should have the same information "we would want lawmakers to consider?" He recommended the administration make clear that "it does not even tacitly concede Roe's legitimacy." www.wsj.com

I am pro-choice. I am sick to my stomach at what is currently going on in the US. The Supreme Court is in the process of being reformed in such a way that the Roe vs. Wade decision that allows a woman to make decision regarding her own health and future, are at risk. Well, what’s left of those rights after the conservative states have hacked away at them…

I have never had an abortion or considered having one. I know of one person that has had one. I am eternally grateful that I have never had to make the choice for myself. I can’t imagine being able to make that choice. However, I cannot imagine taking that choice away from others. I realize that while the idea of a late-term pregnancy termination makes me sick to my stomach, a woman has the right to choose. The right to choose means exactly that: the right to choose. It means that a child that has been molested and becomes pregnant, can terminate the fetus. It means that a woman that is raped, can terminate the pregnancy. It means that a woman that can’t imagine giving birth to a child, has never wanted a child, and does not want to carry a child to term only to give it away, can make the choice to terminate a pregnancy.

While grateful that I live in Canada, not the US, I also recognize the tremendous influence of the US and fear the strengthening influence of the current extreme right Canadian political party. The noose is tightening around women’s rights and the right to choose is hanging precariously. As a woman that has occasionally felt restricted because of my genetic makeup, I am in fear.

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