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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ah Jee-zus!

Last night’s advance screening of King Kong can be summed up by Greektown’s soundbites…

Hour one:
I’m terrified!
Dinosaurs? Really?
Hour two:
Quick! Close your eyes! Jesus, keep them closed! Oh, REALLY keep them closed! Oh God! It’s a penis worm! You’ve got to see this! See, it’s a penis worm with teeth! Oh quick! Close your eyes again! Oh man, they’re still being eaten! Okay, okay, I think you’re safe now.
Hour three:
Oh my God, die already (okay, this one was me)
The hater is giving this a good review! How is that possible?

In other news… Here’s what I heard this morning:
Wow, have you lost weight?
(BEG) No.
Really? That suit looks great on you.
(BEG) Thank you!
You look like a mime.

Oh for Effing frig sake! We’re fighting.

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