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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ah Jee-zus!

Last night’s advance screening of King Kong can be summed up by Greektown’s soundbites…

Hour one:
I’m terrified!
Dinosaurs? Really?
Hour two:
Quick! Close your eyes! Jesus, keep them closed! Oh, REALLY keep them closed! Oh God! It’s a penis worm! You’ve got to see this! See, it’s a penis worm with teeth! Oh quick! Close your eyes again! Oh man, they’re still being eaten! Okay, okay, I think you’re safe now.
Hour three:
Oh my God, die already (okay, this one was me)
The hater is giving this a good review! How is that possible?

In other news… Here’s what I heard this morning:
Wow, have you lost weight?
(BEG) No.
Really? That suit looks great on you.
(BEG) Thank you!
You look like a mime.

Oh for Effing frig sake! We’re fighting.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm still wiped!

Although it started out pretty quietly – pitcher of beer and wings with the Bride (we’re such guys!) on Friday night, followed by Pride and Prejudice (we’re such girls!) – Saturday night was enough to make me still want to crawl back into bed for another day.

The night started off with a trip to the suburbs for my work Christmas party. The highlight? Ah, the beer definitely, as well as the “Yankee gift exchange.” You know – the one where everybody brings a $20 gift and then you can steal or open a gift. Yes, like the Office – except minus the iPod. I ended up with the same gift that I actually brought to the party – Greektown’s H&M gift certificate (I didn’t have time to go and buy a gift, so I stole from my pile). I kept stealing/having stolen a Crown Royal gift box, a German beer gift box and an LCBO gift certificate. Super fun.

From the work party, back into the city (thank God!) where Noogie headed to a few of his parties and I met up with Greektown for a few Jolt & coconut rums before the Jason Colette show at Lee’s Palace. He was, as always, incredible, and it was by far the best rendition of Hangover Days EVER, with the ever-fabulous Emily Haines making a quick guest appearance for the duet. LOVE.

From the show, to our last stop of the night – the Upstairs/Downstairs Party over in Little Italy. We arrived somewhere around 2 AM, just as the crowd was thinning to include all of my favorite people and few others. The rest of the night is a blur, although not without it’s memorable moments…forays onto the front step, the hostess and her tray of cookies and catching up with the girls. I was dragged out of there at 4 AM.

Sunday was not a pretty picture. Surprisingly, I think because I stayed up so late, I wasn’t hung over – just extremely tired because I was woken up at 1030 and forced to be awake. Grrr.

I think the next few weeks are going to be equally swamped. I’m tired just thinking about it!

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

In Other Words... Please Eff Off

My email response from Rogers... Written, evidently by a child in grade one. I can't imagine that there is a customer service course out there in the world, that instructs people to refer to customers as disgruntled???

Thank you for using our email service. We definitely appreciate your business and look forward to getting you set up with our Hi-Speed Internet service. I am sorry to hear that a manager did not call you back as your expectation had been set. Being a customer myself, I would be disgruntled too, if I were told that I would be called back by a manager and then never get the call.
The disconnection of your services is the last thing we would ever want you to feel that you should do. We do our very best to be as accommodating as possible to as many good customers like yourself as
possible, however there are some circumstances beyond our control. I
have to advise you that we are only set up to help you pick up the modems when they are in stock at the retail stores, or we can send a tech to your home at a 3-hour window that suits you best. Technicians are available 7 days a week.
We appreciate your continuing patronage and I am sorry if this is not the exact response you wish to hear. Please contact us at your convenience if you have any further inquiries.

Douglas G.
Rogers Online Management Support

Thank you very much Rogers, I can't wait to tell YOU to eff off. All hail TIVO!

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Best seats EVER

Last night’s Raptors game – we’re centre court, 12 rows up, directly behind Stephen Dorff AND on an aisle. It just does not get any better than this! Oh wait, it does – there was also a guy with Billy Rae Cyrus hair! Love it! Thanks, Greektown’s boss…

So we’re at an NBA game, having some beers, watching the crowd more than anything… and we get into an interesting discussion. It seems that one of Greektown’s friends has started chumming with one of my friends. So the boys have their big night out and lo and behold, what comes out of it but a rather interesting comment about women of a “certain age” (meaning 25-30-ish). Evidently, we are the problem. Yes, that’s right, it’s all our fault. Guys in their mid-30s are apparently (“allegedlyusing rockstar quotes) ready to settle down and here we are, in our prime settling-down age and all we want to do is have fun and focus on our careers. Interesting theory, though it sounds rather like one more in a long list of reasons guys use to justify why they’ve chosen to stay single.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

We're fighting.

Rogers Customer Care
855 York Mills Road
Don Mills, Ontario
M3B 1Z1

December 6, 2005

Dear Customer Care:

I recently had a very unpleasant experience with Rogers. On Monday, November 26th, I signed up online for the Rogers Express Hi-Speed Internet Service. I received my email confirmation of the service and opted to pick up the modem and do the set-up on my own time.

Later that afternoon, I called the Rogers Video store near my home. I indicated to the clerk who answered the phone that I was looking for a Rogers Express Internet modem. The clerk informed me that they had none in stock and would not have any soon. He suggested that I call another store. I asked him if he could order a modem into the store for me. I was told he would not.

Frustrated, I called the Rogers 1-888 number and after struggling through the voice-prompt menu, I finally arrived at a live agent. I explained to the agent that I wanted to pick up an Express modem box and that the store closest to me had none and wouldn’t order one for me. I explained that I was not inclined to start calling every Rogers store in the city to track one down, nor was it convenient for me to wait at home for a technician (I work out of the city). The customer service agent called another store within walking distance and informed me that he had arranged for a modem to be put on hold for me until 8 PM that night.

That evening, I headed out to the Rogers store (in a snowstorm) to pick up my modem. Upon arriving, I requested the Express modem. I was informed that they had no Express modems, only Extreme modems. The agent that called the store had requested the wrong modem. The clerk suggested that I call other stores in the city to find one. Very frustrated, I asked the agent to cancel my order and then left.

Upon my return home, I called the Rogers 1-888 number and again, after navigating the voice-prompt system, finally arrived at a live agent. I requested to speak to a manager or supervisor. The customer service agent insisted that I give all of my personal information first. After doing so, he informed me that no manager or supervisors were available and asked the reason for my call. I recounted my experience. The agent very kindly attempted to accommodate my schedule with a technician, however my schedule and the unavailability of a technician on the weekend made it impossible. I again asked that a supervisor or manager return my call when one became available. I have not yet been contacted.

I have been a loyal Rogers customer for many years. I estimate my personal current year’s spending on Rogers products to be approximately as follows:

Rogers Cable (102.00/month) $1,224
Cell Phone (minimum of $60/month) $ 720
Two Rogers Magazine subscriptions $ 40
Total $1,984

I am very disappointed with my service experience and the total disregard for customer care. I look forward to discontinuing my services with Rogers as other options become available.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I slept throught the night!! (No, I am not a six-month old...)

It has been MONTHS since I woke up and the first thought I had was, God I feel good. I wouldn’t say that I bounded out of bed – that’s a bit of a stretch – but I definitely threw back the covers much, much happier for the first time in ages.

Perhaps I ended up in a sugar coma? Last night I crafted three batches of caramel sauce, a lower-fat version, a full butter version and a bourbon version. Yummy. Might throw a spiced rum into the last batch. So with that, my jams, the finished cds and the assorted baked goods that I’m going to throw together over the next weekends, my Christmas baskets (this year they’re Christmas bags) are nearing completion. I’m actually pretty pleased with myself – I’ve for the most part finished all of my shopping except for a few odds and ends for my brother’s stocking. Yes, that’s right – finished.

I absolutely love doing Christmas baking. I have a few favorites that always make it into the baskets – brownies and Skor bars – and this year I’m adding a low-fat biscotti and I think either a strawberry cheesecake square or pecan bourbon cookies. I’m obsessed with booze, what can I say? Hmm, maybe some kind of shortbread cookie too. Good thing I’m not much on snacking on this stuff or I’d be 8 million lbs by the time Christmas rolled around…

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ahem... a few words

I feel a bit of a rant coming on today. Oh look at that… a soapbox… don’t mind if I do

One of yesterday’s big news items was this idiot who was acquitted of rape because he has sexsomnia. I want to hunt down and torture whoever came up with this asinine diagnosis. Granted, I don’t know the ins and outs of the actual case, other than what was reported yesterday, but the woman woke up with the rapist (yes, rapist, I don’t give a goddamn if he was acquitted) in the process of raping her. Ah, and the guy somehow, in his sexsomnia stupor managed to put a condom on. Blind Rage. I immediately thought of one of my good friends from university that was date raped and actually had the courage to face him in court. (Fist waving in air).

So now that I’m angry… how about navigating a political minefield? In today’s Wall Street Journal:

Meanwhile, a newly released Reagan-era document shows that Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito advocated using state laws to erode or overturn abortion rights and is expected to intensify the debate over his nomination. Senate hearings are scheduled to open early next month, and activists on both sides of the debate are trying to divine whether he would try to steer the court toward overturning Roe v. Wade, The Wall Street Journal reports. In the 1985 memo, Judge Alito defended a host of state-passed restrictions similar to the New Hampshire law that were under court challenge at the time, from parental consent to a requirement that doctors provide women with details about the health risks of abortion and the development of the fetus. "Roe took from state lawmakers the authority to make this choice and gave it to the pregnant woman. Does it not follow," he asks, that the woman should have the same information "we would want lawmakers to consider?" He recommended the administration make clear that "it does not even tacitly concede Roe's legitimacy." www.wsj.com

I am pro-choice. I am sick to my stomach at what is currently going on in the US. The Supreme Court is in the process of being reformed in such a way that the Roe vs. Wade decision that allows a woman to make decision regarding her own health and future, are at risk. Well, what’s left of those rights after the conservative states have hacked away at them…

I have never had an abortion or considered having one. I know of one person that has had one. I am eternally grateful that I have never had to make the choice for myself. I can’t imagine being able to make that choice. However, I cannot imagine taking that choice away from others. I realize that while the idea of a late-term pregnancy termination makes me sick to my stomach, a woman has the right to choose. The right to choose means exactly that: the right to choose. It means that a child that has been molested and becomes pregnant, can terminate the fetus. It means that a woman that is raped, can terminate the pregnancy. It means that a woman that can’t imagine giving birth to a child, has never wanted a child, and does not want to carry a child to term only to give it away, can make the choice to terminate a pregnancy.

While grateful that I live in Canada, not the US, I also recognize the tremendous influence of the US and fear the strengthening influence of the current extreme right Canadian political party. The noose is tightening around women’s rights and the right to choose is hanging precariously. As a woman that has occasionally felt restricted because of my genetic makeup, I am in fear.

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