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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Things you must not do (even if it is Halloween)

You must not take anything other than your regular set of keys with you to the parking garage in case they randomly decide to deactivate your fob and you get trapped in the parking garage for 15 minutes until your friend sends the security guard to come get you (‘cause we all know that waving at the security cameras and mouthing the words “I’m trapped” don’t help, nor does the EFFING deactivated intercom system). PS – I HATE that security guard.

You must not eat 4 giant jello shots (jello cups, really) on the subway on the way to the party. Likely not a great idea to eat 5 more when you get to the party.

You must not yell out of the front window of your friend’s house at four guys in leather jackets trying to break into a car. When the robbers turn around to see who’s yelling and everyone else at the window ducks – it’s likely not a great idea to wave at them. Also not helpful to suggest that they break into another car up the street instead of the one in front of the party house (jello shot logic).

You must not ask a 10 year-old boy who’s dressed up as Mogatu from Zoolander to “show me your Blue Steel!” It becomes awkward when the kid has no idea what you’re talking about and the parents usher them away.

You must not judge the trailer-park trick-or-treaters who show up at your door with a 2 year-old child (dressed as a pumpkin!) and the mom, dad and kid all ask for candy.

Yeah, four out of five of these were me (I had an assist on the fifth). I love Halloween. Hopefully my fabulous earmuff hairdo disguised me sufficiently from the robbers.

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