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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

There are days when you just have to be grateful...

I had a fantastic meal last night at the Keg Mansion with 601 (check out his blog…) and friends. Got to chat with 601’s mom (remind me again what she is? Something something… nuclear physicist?) and see friends that I don’t often get to see. Amazing, amazing meal. Loved the part when 601 opened one of his gifts and it included a set of army men that he and Sporty set up on the table and so that they could play out what it would be like if the two of them were in a war zone. It involved shooting at barbed wire and the two of them fighting each other a lot. The fake cell phone was a real treat too – if you want more detail on the night, ask Sporty – he was taking notes in his pretty new diary (provided he hasn’t swallowed the key as some kind of army thing).

I’m seeing one of my other favorite bands of the year on Monday night… the Shout Out Louds. Very fun – especially when I do my impression of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets. Oh and also seeing Ben Lee on Sunday night at the El-Mo. MUST get to Rotate This on the weekend to pick up tickets to Belle Orchestre.

I’m getting a free trip to the East Coast for work – I really, really miss my mother and need a dose of SJ Flames. I really want to hang with my grandmother too. (must make hair appointment!!!)

I picked up my new specs yesterday and feel very posh. Why have I never had red frames before?

Someone dropped NBA Raptors tickets on my desk for tonight’s home opener. Whoohoo corporate seats!

Picked up tickets for Jason Collett AND the Stars. I’m actually giddy about seeing the Stars. The STARS!!! At Lee's Palace no less!!!

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