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Friday, November 18, 2005

Started out fighting, it seems we're on our way to making up.

So far, the East coast is not as friendly as I remember it…
Ah let’s see… no luggage. Giant spider on my pillow. No stores open beyond 12 AM. Ghetto work car. Death threats to the Air Canada call centre.

Transcript of my call to the Air Canada baggage locator call centre:
BEG: I am not giving you my home address. You’ll send my luggage there instead
Air Canada: M’am, you have to give me your home address. It’s procedure.
BEG: Guarantee me that it won’t end up at my home addresss.
Air Canada: M’am, I cannot guarantee anything.
BEG: I am not giving you my home address.
Air Canada: I cannot process your inquiry unless you give me your home address.
BEG: So help me if you send my bag to my home address, I will come and find you… do you understand me?
Air Canada: Fine, we can process your claim without it.

Turns out that the call centre is in New Delhi, which is likely why I could barely understand what she was saying and also accounted for her nonchalant reaction to my quasi-threats. Good thing for her, because I was ready to kill. The only thing these people are any good at is making people more angry. Anyhow, four flights later, it finally arrived. Too late though, I had to go to the memorial dedication with two-day old clothes. MAD. Every single flight that came in, I was promised that my luggage would be on it. So I waited. After two flights, I went shopping. Do you think I could find anything? No. The only crap that stores have right now is holiday fashions with idiot stuff stuck all over it. Merde. Tears.

However, lesson learned. Through the whole thing, other than my blind rage with the call centre, I was remarkably zen with the actual baggage people at the airport and made quite a few jokes about how under-dressed I was. Normally I can’t shake irate.

Anyhow, I’m freshly dressed in my new Stella McCartney jacket (more on that next week), have a fabulous new haircut/color thanks to my East Coast stylist (and coolest person EVER) and miracle of all miracle… despite sleeping in the spider room last night, I actually slept through the night. Must be the fresh air…

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