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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Neener, Neener, Neener, Neer...

Somebody kidnapped Jason Schwartzman and turned him into the front-man for the Shout Out Louds. Kinda yummy, great voice. As always, the Mod Club delivered yet another fantastic show with the commensurate number of freaks in attendance. What on earth is it about that venue that brings out the strangest people???

In attendance last night was Hilary Duff’s clone, hanging with tall, awkwardly-dancing guy, several people that had fully co-ordinated dances (they must have been practicing ahead of time… if only we’d known) and the star of the freak-show was a woman – say mid-30’s who was wearing what I swear is my original shaker-knit sweater from back in grade 5 (definitely that size), short black pants with RED stockings and funny platform shoes. Oh and a rubber snake around her neck. My favorite of her dance moves, which also included some line dancing, the runway strut and some swing moves, was by far when she danced in a circle around her less-than-impressed (less-than-drunk, too) friend. Oh, then she did it in reverse. Awesome. And all this before the concert even started. You know you’re in for a good night when…

But back to the show… they played their entire cd and a few B-sides (I love that the singer explained what a B-side was) – not a long show by any means – about an hour with the encore. But wow, the songs were all spot on – vocals were great – I love his voice, all rough and as such. The bass player was a source of endless amusement as he bumbled around on stage, flashing sheepish grins to girls in the front, while the other guitar player hid behind his mushroom cap of unruly hair while rocking out. The drummer was, well, a drummer (sorry all drummers out there…) and the xylophone girl… as Greektown described her… she was the poster-girl for the Sweden Tourism Board. “Why is it that we can hear her singing, but every time she says anything into the microphone, she just mouths the words??” I loved that they played the Comeback as their encore… and yes, I did my dance.

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