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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mmmm, saltines and water.

Nope, not in prison – just really hung over. Thank you very much, pint night at the Volo. I blame the big, comfy couch. Also, I blame the new cutie waiter boy (who, incidentally MIGHT be on heroin…) – he was very much at our beck and call. Damn his attentiveness and our never-empty glasses.

But despite the evil hangover, last night was great. It was one of those fabulous nights when all the typical conversation barriers get washed away in a flood of beer. Mmmm… beer.

Whooo, anyway… So yeah – the dish. Well, of course I’m not going to spill what we talked about. But I would like to remark upon the fact that there are very, very few people in the world that I connect with in such a way that I can say anything. Even if it embarrasses me. Maybe we’re equally mental? Hmmm… But it got this stuff out of my head, where it’s been essentially running around incessantly (to the point of my not sleeping for the last three weeks – argh).

Now if I could just remember the phone conversation I had last night before I fell asleep… that’s awkward.

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