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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's Patrick... He bought life insurance!

Help me out, please. Noogie and I are having a debate of sorts over whether most people have some kind of personal insurance. I don’t mean health insurance and not the obligatory coverage that you get through work, but personal life insurance.

I have two policies. Before I was born, my parents took out a small policy on me, in the event that should I be born with any kind of pre-existing condition that precluded me from qualifying down the road, that I would at minimum, have a small policy to fall back on. When I graduated from university, I purchased another policy – this one being the only other one I’ll need. Again, it made sense to purchase it while still young because of the low policy premiums and the complete ease of obtaining coverage (no physical required). So there, I’m done – and officially worth much more dead than alive…

I suppose that because of my father’s illness and the way that my parents made arrangements to protect our family in case of exactly such an event – that I’ve also ascribed to the same precautionary preparations. And I don't carry the insurance so much for right now, as for that day, somewhere down the road (far, far, down the road - look, you can almost see it... squint... ah, false alarm, it's just a car) when I'll have some kind of significant other with whom I'm sharing my life and want to leave comfortable should anything ever happen to me.

So help me out… how many of you have some kind of life insurance? Send me an email or leave a comment. I think I have a crazy lead so far… Noogie’s got himself, two homeless guys and my doorman on his side – I have my entire family, my co-workers, Cowgirl and her boyfriend as well as Noogie’s sister and his roommate.

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