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Thursday, November 03, 2005

I can't explain.

I want to be in a relationship – love and be loved. Don’t have much use for marriage and definitely don’t have children on the brain (sidebar: I have a complicated view on children. I think that one parent should be the full-time parent – if possible even staying at home for a few years, before pre-school – but I know absolutely that I don’t want it to be me. Which leaves me rather limited because not a whole lot of guys are willing to give up a few years of their lives, but I digress.). But in wanting just a good old-fashioned relationship that maybe. eventually. leads to living together (but you can’t say that that’s where you want it to go, because then there’s a timeline imposed – some imaginary clock that starts ticking towards “how do we make two households fit into one?”), am I selling myself short?

It seems to me that the people who want more have an easier time of it. You know, it’s really complicated when it comes right down to explaining that you want a relationship to be going somewhere, but not have any of that tangible ring-on-finger stuff to point towards (oh God, NOT there!!!!)… just a fuzzy “in love” stasis. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not in any rush for any of it – but it occurred to me recently that what I want may not be what most people want. It’s tough – trying to explain that you want more, but not the more that anyone else wants.

Non-sexual life partners are the way to go. None of this messy let’s-get-married stuff (well, except for the aforementioned commitment ceremony which is just and excuse to have a cake buffet, poutine and garlic fingers at midnight and do a choreographed dance).

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