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Monday, November 07, 2005

Alright, and now for the show...

So let’s take a break from the deep thoughts and get to something of perhaps greater interest to all of you… my newfound crush on Ben Lee. Touring on his new album, Awake is the New Sleep, Ben Lee played El Mocambo last night to what Greektown described as the biggest crowd she’s seen in the NEW El-Mo.

I’ll admit – prior to last night, I’d not heard a Ben Lee song. I really had no idea what kind of music it was – I’d just heard of him in reference to other musicians that I enjoy, and he was recommended by someone with similar taste. So when I heard he was playing the El-Mo, it was killing two birds with one stone – see Ben Lee, see a show at the El-Mo (probably the only major music venue I’d not been to in the city).

So we hit the El-Mo around 930, and walked in to New Buffalo, the latest and greatest artist to sign with the Arts & Crafts label (Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew’s label). New Buffalo – a blondish Australian import with a rather plaintive voice also opened for Feist (ahead of Jason Collett). I was medium on her then and definitely medium on her last night, other than maybe her last few songs, which were really great.

But the main attraction was, of course, Ben Lee and he did not disappoint. I loved the show! Although he definitely had some Gavin Degraw-type lyrics, the music itself was great and his stage presence was fantastic (despite the fact that he’s teeny-tiny and I could put him in my pocket). At one point he pulled a somewhat heavyset girl up on stage as his muse (cheesy, but at least it wasn’t a skank-type) and she primped and posed throughout the song until the end when he motioned her over the microphone to sing the chorus and out comes this MONSTER voice… ah, hello? Canadian Idol? This was definitely romance-pop, (yes, shut up – I’m inventing genres now…) but very well done. Great show and great sound (although, like the Docks, not great viewing – the stage isn’t high enough). Up tonight – the Shout Out Louds from Sweden (Let’s call it the comeback / Neener, neener, neener, neer…), playing favorite venue, the Mod Club.

I should also get caught up on my film reviews… to date I’ve got A History of Violence (ugh), Where the Truth Lies (ah, what???), Kiss Kiss, Bang, Bang (who knew?! ) and Good Night and Good Luck (if ever I wanted to take up smoking…).

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