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Friday, October 28, 2005

This is serious...

Bit of an introspective day, so you’re getting deep thoughts. I’ve now got three movie reviews: Two For The Money, Where The Truth Lies and Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang – those will be along next week after the Halloween recap.

So what’s it like to grow up? At the ripe young age of 29, (sidebar: the guy I’m dating has been out of high school for 18 years… 18 years!!! You know, there was a time not so long ago when I couldn’t ever imagine relating to someone that old and now I’m well on my way there. Egads.) I have lots of friends that are married, and lots that are still single, but even the single ones are pairing up. It’s interesting because as one of these single ones, I feel like I’m actually beyond the point of dating to settle down. Yeah, that likely doesn’t make sense – what I mean is that I made it past the mid-twenties where everyone and their cat gets married because it’s the thing to do. Now that people have accepted that that scene is just not for me – I can date for pleasure. I don’t have one of those wild biological clocks that tells me it’s 10 minutes to trying to have a baby. My clock only has one time: happy hour. Yeah, fun to be me.

But regardless of not going down the traditional road of university degree, then marriage, then house, then kids – I have still had to face growing up. I left family, friends and a marriage proposal behind to move here and start fresh. I’m now looking at buying a condo (goddam, I just got pre-approved for a mortgage – talk about being damn grown-up), I take at least one international trip per year (last year, two), and I’m getting ready to make a career move – no, not a job change – a career move – something that takes my work to the next level. And nothing makes you feel more grown-up than being in a relationship. Yes damn ALL OF YOU (you know who you are) I’m in a relationship. I didn’t plan to end up here – I somehow took a turn at “dating multiple people at the same time” (that was a fun posting) and ended up here…

Anyhow, the point of all this is that I feel like things are changing. Not in one area particularly, rather across the board. I’m shaking the etch-a-sketch, I guess. After a year and a half in this city, and approaching a rather important birthday next year – I just feel like it’s time to look at my life and decide what’s in and what’s not.

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