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Friday, October 07, 2005

Things that make me MAD

So I’m out with a friend last night, having a beer at the Volo (OMG, they know us now!!! I’m officially a Torontonian!!! The waitress even knew what beer I wanted!!!) and we get on the topic of this girl he knows and how she’s dying to get engaged. No, what he actually said was “She’s a breeder.” Not as in, she raises dogs or horses, as in “she really wants to have kids.”

OMG, I’ve never heard anything quite as insulting as that. What a HORRIBLE way to describe a woman who wants to have children! So long story short, I got really mad, might have raised my voice a little and called him a chauvinist. Deserved, I think – see below for the dictionary definition:

breed·er n.
1. A person who breeds animals or plants.
2. An animal kept to produce offspring.
3. Offensive Slang. A heterosexual person.
4. A source or cause: social injustice a breeder of revolutions.
5. A breeder reactor.

Even if that woman’s life goal was to have a lot of children, is it any reason to assume that as soon as she does, she ceases to exist as anything other than “someone who pops out a lot of kids?” I am hugely offended by this. I can’t think of any more wonderful, selfless, courageous job in the world than being a mother (make no mistake – I am not wonderful, selfless (HA!!!) or that brave!!). It makes me furious to think that people still demean a woman who chooses to devote herself to raising children at – most of the time – huge expense to her own life and career.

Yup, still mad.

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