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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Shut the F*** up and die! O-69. Is anybody close???

So said Shirley at Dirty Bingo last night. Of course, we were the darlings of Dirty Bingo, given our very natural enthusiasm for all things, well, dirty. I’m very (very, very) happy to say that I actually won a dirty bingo prize – the Elephant Pounder, (very LARGE, very complicated vibrator...) Scandalized? You should be!!

I mean really – what better way to spend a rainy Monday night than dinner at one of my favorite Toronto restaurants – the Beer Bistro (OMG, cheese fondue), followed up by dirty bingo at the Living Well Café? Shirley, a rather surly drag queen, hollers out numbers while teetering behind the bar, pounding back irish-type coffees and heckling the crowd. Many, many people were accused of having the Syph and we were frequently encouraged to carpet-munch the birthday girl.

Being from the East Coast, I grew up in the bingo culture, although no one in our family ever played. My first bingo experience was when Fanny Pack and I rented a cottage in Tatamagouche one summer and headed into town to play bingo with the locals at the rec centre. Good times!

So really, this was like any other bingo experience, other than the fact that the prizes were not pots of money, but rather sex toys. OH good times. Our game was cut a bit short because a few of the girls around us decided to quit screwing around and straight up bought two of the fancy rabbit-something vibrators instead of taking their chances on a win. Altogether a fabulous night – there’s always something to do downtown!!! And when there’s not… ER, well – I now have an Elephant Pounder

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