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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Salsa, what??

So I’m scouting for a gym. I’m currently trying out a private gym in my ‘hood to see what they’re classes are like and to see if it’s worth the hefty $50/month membership fee (I’m such a baby, used to my good old $30/month from back east!). My other option is the YMCA down the street – which definitely has many more options, but is a hell of a lot busier.

Anyhow, I wanted to try a few classes at each gym before committing to 12 month memberships (any wonder why I’m still goddamn single? I have commitment issues with not only hairstylists, but also with gym memberships. I believe they call this: absolutely hopeless…). So I showed up for what appeared to me to be one of the most promising classes – the Cardio Salsa. OMG, what a disaster. You all know that I am somewhat challenged in the co-ordination department (that’s why I choose running as my main sport – God I can’t wait until my knee / IT band is better!!), well, me + cardio salsa = me making a fool of myself.

There were about 4 of us in this particular class and we were mid-way through the routine when this 70 year-old granny shows up and hello - Beetlejuice called - he wants his outfit back (it kind of worked out in my favor, because from that point on, I could claim that I was dizzy from her pants and couldn’t follow the instructor), and within about 3 minutes is dry humping the air like she’d just moved from South America. Boo Hiss. Oh yeah, unlike most dance studios that I’ve been in, this one was open for the whole cardio floor to watch us… they should be paying me for doubling their workout results – they did their cardio while laughing at me… Did I mention that this whole cardio salsa business is pretty skanky – lots of hip gyrations and shimmying. Ah, and the shaking of the boobs. Bitter.

So the ultimate humiliation was when I was walking out of the studio with the instructor and thanking her for the class and apologizing for being so terrible and she walked me over to the schedule board and suggested that I try yoga.

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