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Friday, October 21, 2005

In case my GD laptop goes on a crack binge, blacks out and stops working forever AGAIN

So a few weeks back, my laptop died. It sputtered a bit, (kinda like a crack whore sputters… never mind) and I managed to hurry off most of my personal files, but all of my internet links and my entire iTunes database went the way of my dead hard drive. So thanks to a great iTunes software program from the UK, I was able to restore to my new iTunes all of the songs that were on my iPod Mini. So I’m left with some re-formatting and I have to re-do my playlists, but at least I only have to re-import about 500 songs to be back up and running instead of the full 1500.

Finding all of my internet links was another matter… Today, I finally found the last two of my favorite lost links. So this never happens again, I’m including for you all, a list of my favorite blog sites – because I love them and also so that if anything like this ever happens again, I’ll have record of them as well.

Here they are: my favorite sites: (in no particular order)
15 Minute Lunch - this guy turns your frown upside-down - my stomach hurts from laughing
Popped Culture - want to know about all that is wrong with the entertainment world? He’s got ya
My Blog Has A First Name, it’s O-S-C-A-R – rants from my Mexi-doppelganger in San Antonio, Texas.
Scandal Sheet - your celeb gossip hookup - she knows everything!
Okay Seriously - love, love, love this site – she kills me. How many times have I composed notes like that in my head???
Some Words – yowzah, read the entry about her one-night stand. Girl Crush!
What Doesn’t Kill You… - he’s a regular old boy crush – and the first site that I saw Half Naked Thursday on…

Also of interest: (in other words: I’ve just found them and think they’re going to be fun…)
New York Moments
This Fish Needs A Bicycle
Nice Guys Finish Last

So add these to your reading list – particularly the top guys and if you get a chance, I highly recommend going back in time on 15 Minute Lunch to see his childhood artwork… I laughed so hard that I cried.

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