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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Mr. Keith

So the day at least got better yesterday – Last night I went to the Leafs Home Opener!! Sporty Spice (who’s working his way into being called “Alison” for the rest of the hockey season) took me to the game – too much fun! We met with friends for drinks before-hand at the downtown Jack Astors then headed for more beer at the ACC. And more beers, and more beers. So much for my resolve to be somewhat well behaved?? Thanks for that Sporty

Anyhow, amazing game, the first NHL sudden-death shoot-out of the new rules. The seats were great – center ice – and the beer – well great. My highlight? Definitely Stompin’ Tom singing “The Good Old Hockey Game” – the coolest thing ever.

So I was sitting next to this girl – about my age – and her boyfriend (picture: a rather loud printed shirt and about 20 years her/our senior). She kept getting mad because this fat guy in our aisle kept squeezing out and in the 2nd, he pushed past us with 47 seconds left. Ass. So she gets a bit mad and mouths off to him (he ignores her) – as he squeezes past me, I say “wow, that’s a teeeeeny bladder” – the girl kills herself laughing.

After the last break, the girl’s boyfriend comes back to the seats with a McCabe (?) jersey as a gift for her. She’s ecstatic and makes a big deal about it. As she’s holding it up in front of her, I elbow Sporty in the ribs and say “see, he bought her a jersey! We’re fighting!” The girl leans over and starts giving Sporty the gears… at the end of the period, when the Senators score their second goal to tie it up, she looks at him and says “maybe if you’d bought her a jersey, we wouldn’t be tied right now.” Even I wouldn’t have made that leap in logic, but clearly it was all Sporty’s fault.

Anyhow, many, many beers later (should have known – Leafs game AND it was Alexander Keiths 210th birthday!), we were happily tearing an Irish Poutine apart at the Irish Embassy. Never had one of those? I encourage you to double up on your cholesterol meds and head over – French fries, garlic mayo and about a pound of cheddar cheese. Best. Fries. Ever.

Great day...

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