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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Halloween... costume shopping and the cake buffet

So I’m hosting a bit of Halloween thing – nothing serious, just some friends, costumes and lots of drinks. Greektown and I are sort of using it as a dry-run for our non-sexual life partner commitment ceremony (it’s a long story… it involves us getting to register, having a choreographed dance, Greektown running the music off her iPod all night and a midnight poutine buffet – and likely has a much better chance than anyone else’s marriage because we don’t live together and we have sex with other people).

Anyhow… So I’m planning the requisite jello shots (of course!), grapes injected with alcohol, oranges injected with alcohol and the crowning touch – a build-your-own-cake buffet. Yes, that’s right. We’re putting together various cakes, many varieties of icings and a wide selection of sprinkles and other toppings (whipped cream, syrup). Yeah, you want to come to my party don’t you?? I guess it’s just about finding some new way to entertain people. Think I might also throw in this dessert wine I’ve been holding on to for the longest time. All told, it should be a helluva night, if only for the food and drink!

I just have to sew my damn costume, put the hair accessories together and find a giant machine gun prop. Oh, yeah – I’m Princess Leia.

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