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Friday, October 28, 2005

This is serious...

Bit of an introspective day, so you’re getting deep thoughts. I’ve now got three movie reviews: Two For The Money, Where The Truth Lies and Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang – those will be along next week after the Halloween recap.

So what’s it like to grow up? At the ripe young age of 29, (sidebar: the guy I’m dating has been out of high school for 18 years… 18 years!!! You know, there was a time not so long ago when I couldn’t ever imagine relating to someone that old and now I’m well on my way there. Egads.) I have lots of friends that are married, and lots that are still single, but even the single ones are pairing up. It’s interesting because as one of these single ones, I feel like I’m actually beyond the point of dating to settle down. Yeah, that likely doesn’t make sense – what I mean is that I made it past the mid-twenties where everyone and their cat gets married because it’s the thing to do. Now that people have accepted that that scene is just not for me – I can date for pleasure. I don’t have one of those wild biological clocks that tells me it’s 10 minutes to trying to have a baby. My clock only has one time: happy hour. Yeah, fun to be me.

But regardless of not going down the traditional road of university degree, then marriage, then house, then kids – I have still had to face growing up. I left family, friends and a marriage proposal behind to move here and start fresh. I’m now looking at buying a condo (goddam, I just got pre-approved for a mortgage – talk about being damn grown-up), I take at least one international trip per year (last year, two), and I’m getting ready to make a career move – no, not a job change – a career move – something that takes my work to the next level. And nothing makes you feel more grown-up than being in a relationship. Yes damn ALL OF YOU (you know who you are) I’m in a relationship. I didn’t plan to end up here – I somehow took a turn at “dating multiple people at the same time” (that was a fun posting) and ended up here…

Anyhow, the point of all this is that I feel like things are changing. Not in one area particularly, rather across the board. I’m shaking the etch-a-sketch, I guess. After a year and a half in this city, and approaching a rather important birthday next year – I just feel like it’s time to look at my life and decide what’s in and what’s not.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

It's Sunday afternoon - let's get wasted!!!

This past Sunday afternoon, six of us gathered at my local and drank beer – lots of it. This however, was not your ordinary leisurely Sunday drink over late brunch, nor was it a “sports are on, gotta have a beer” situation. This was the Volo Café Cask Days and Greektown, Midtown Girl, the Bride and her fiancé as well as Noogie, all imbibed.

My local has got some of the very best Ontario Craft Beer on tap – a huge selection of draft beer and a staggering beer menu with bottled beer from all over the world (several pages of Belgian Beer, of course). Their beer menu makes the Bier Market and the Beer Bistro (both favorites) a little jealous. Can I also say that I’m so incredibly excited that the staff at the bar not only know me, but know my drink??? Yes kids, I’m officially a Torontonian.

The Volo, having established a great relationship with Ontario brewers, decided to host a one-of-a-kind event – Cask Days. Local brewers put together casks of beer, just for this occasion, and the Volo hosted a sold-out two day event that allowed common folk like myself to taste cask beer for the first time (and incidentally find out what the heck cask beer was – let me tell you – the first taste was a bit of a surprise!), as well as mix and mingle with the beer makers themselves. They also brought in local artisanal cheese and bread vendors, with tastings included in the oh-so-incredibly-cheap price of $15. That’s right - $15 got us tickets to the event, cheese and bread tastings, a souvenir pint glass and five beer tasting tickets.

So what the heck is cask beer??? From the Toronto Star’s Jon Filson: “It can reasonably be considered the purest form of beer. It has to be pumped out of the cask by hand, it's made with all natural ingredients, and it's naturally carbonated… It's called "living ale" because the beer is still fermenting in the cask it's served from. This is called a "secondary fermentation" and the key component of a cask-conditioned ale….What that means is that the beer is "alive," with the yeast still floating around in it. The beer's taste can change on a daily basis as a result. Its presence also means the casks are delicate beings — yeast can get angry, evidently, if disturbed.”

So what an awesome day! I chatted up two hilarious guys, Steve and John, who kindly walked me through what cask beer was, how beer was made and the very basic difference between ale and lager. Oh, and they’re the ones who suggested the Princess Leia idea. Greektown also chatted up the author of a book on downtown restaurants (she’s fun when she’s drunk!) and the two of us shouldered (okay, maybe just I shouldered) a couple of old-timers in order to sit with them for a while.

From my perspective, as a novice beer drinker, it gave me a much better understanding of what I was drinking. It was only after years of going to wine festivals and asking questions, tasting multiple wines and comparing them, that I became as comfortable as I am around red wines. Now that I have an additional passion (odd, that all my passions involve alcohol??? Okay, not all my passions – I’m currently stalking a Nine West handbag), it was only time that I learned a bit more about it… and now have a bit more to talk about with the staff of the restaurant – you know, other than, “can I please have another Blanche de Chambly?”

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Halloween... costume shopping and the cake buffet

So I’m hosting a bit of Halloween thing – nothing serious, just some friends, costumes and lots of drinks. Greektown and I are sort of using it as a dry-run for our non-sexual life partner commitment ceremony (it’s a long story… it involves us getting to register, having a choreographed dance, Greektown running the music off her iPod all night and a midnight poutine buffet – and likely has a much better chance than anyone else’s marriage because we don’t live together and we have sex with other people).

Anyhow… So I’m planning the requisite jello shots (of course!), grapes injected with alcohol, oranges injected with alcohol and the crowning touch – a build-your-own-cake buffet. Yes, that’s right. We’re putting together various cakes, many varieties of icings and a wide selection of sprinkles and other toppings (whipped cream, syrup). Yeah, you want to come to my party don’t you?? I guess it’s just about finding some new way to entertain people. Think I might also throw in this dessert wine I’ve been holding on to for the longest time. All told, it should be a helluva night, if only for the food and drink!

I just have to sew my damn costume, put the hair accessories together and find a giant machine gun prop. Oh, yeah – I’m Princess Leia.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Shut the F*** up and die! O-69. Is anybody close???

So said Shirley at Dirty Bingo last night. Of course, we were the darlings of Dirty Bingo, given our very natural enthusiasm for all things, well, dirty. I’m very (very, very) happy to say that I actually won a dirty bingo prize – the Elephant Pounder, (very LARGE, very complicated vibrator...) Scandalized? You should be!!

I mean really – what better way to spend a rainy Monday night than dinner at one of my favorite Toronto restaurants – the Beer Bistro (OMG, cheese fondue), followed up by dirty bingo at the Living Well Café? Shirley, a rather surly drag queen, hollers out numbers while teetering behind the bar, pounding back irish-type coffees and heckling the crowd. Many, many people were accused of having the Syph and we were frequently encouraged to carpet-munch the birthday girl.

Being from the East Coast, I grew up in the bingo culture, although no one in our family ever played. My first bingo experience was when Fanny Pack and I rented a cottage in Tatamagouche one summer and headed into town to play bingo with the locals at the rec centre. Good times!

So really, this was like any other bingo experience, other than the fact that the prizes were not pots of money, but rather sex toys. OH good times. Our game was cut a bit short because a few of the girls around us decided to quit screwing around and straight up bought two of the fancy rabbit-something vibrators instead of taking their chances on a win. Altogether a fabulous night – there’s always something to do downtown!!! And when there’s not… ER, well – I now have an Elephant Pounder

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Friday, October 21, 2005

In case my GD laptop goes on a crack binge, blacks out and stops working forever AGAIN

So a few weeks back, my laptop died. It sputtered a bit, (kinda like a crack whore sputters… never mind) and I managed to hurry off most of my personal files, but all of my internet links and my entire iTunes database went the way of my dead hard drive. So thanks to a great iTunes software program from the UK, I was able to restore to my new iTunes all of the songs that were on my iPod Mini. So I’m left with some re-formatting and I have to re-do my playlists, but at least I only have to re-import about 500 songs to be back up and running instead of the full 1500.

Finding all of my internet links was another matter… Today, I finally found the last two of my favorite lost links. So this never happens again, I’m including for you all, a list of my favorite blog sites – because I love them and also so that if anything like this ever happens again, I’ll have record of them as well.

Here they are: my favorite sites: (in no particular order)
15 Minute Lunch - this guy turns your frown upside-down - my stomach hurts from laughing
Popped Culture - want to know about all that is wrong with the entertainment world? He’s got ya
My Blog Has A First Name, it’s O-S-C-A-R – rants from my Mexi-doppelganger in San Antonio, Texas.
Scandal Sheet - your celeb gossip hookup - she knows everything!
Okay Seriously - love, love, love this site – she kills me. How many times have I composed notes like that in my head???
Some Words – yowzah, read the entry about her one-night stand. Girl Crush!
What Doesn’t Kill You… - he’s a regular old boy crush – and the first site that I saw Half Naked Thursday on…

Also of interest: (in other words: I’ve just found them and think they’re going to be fun…)
New York Moments
This Fish Needs A Bicycle
Nice Guys Finish Last

So add these to your reading list – particularly the top guys and if you get a chance, I highly recommend going back in time on 15 Minute Lunch to see his childhood artwork… I laughed so hard that I cried.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Salsa, what??

So I’m scouting for a gym. I’m currently trying out a private gym in my ‘hood to see what they’re classes are like and to see if it’s worth the hefty $50/month membership fee (I’m such a baby, used to my good old $30/month from back east!). My other option is the YMCA down the street – which definitely has many more options, but is a hell of a lot busier.

Anyhow, I wanted to try a few classes at each gym before committing to 12 month memberships (any wonder why I’m still goddamn single? I have commitment issues with not only hairstylists, but also with gym memberships. I believe they call this: absolutely hopeless…). So I showed up for what appeared to me to be one of the most promising classes – the Cardio Salsa. OMG, what a disaster. You all know that I am somewhat challenged in the co-ordination department (that’s why I choose running as my main sport – God I can’t wait until my knee / IT band is better!!), well, me + cardio salsa = me making a fool of myself.

There were about 4 of us in this particular class and we were mid-way through the routine when this 70 year-old granny shows up and hello - Beetlejuice called - he wants his outfit back (it kind of worked out in my favor, because from that point on, I could claim that I was dizzy from her pants and couldn’t follow the instructor), and within about 3 minutes is dry humping the air like she’d just moved from South America. Boo Hiss. Oh yeah, unlike most dance studios that I’ve been in, this one was open for the whole cardio floor to watch us… they should be paying me for doubling their workout results – they did their cardio while laughing at me… Did I mention that this whole cardio salsa business is pretty skanky – lots of hip gyrations and shimmying. Ah, and the shaking of the boobs. Bitter.

So the ultimate humiliation was when I was walking out of the studio with the instructor and thanking her for the class and apologizing for being so terrible and she walked me over to the schedule board and suggested that I try yoga.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I broke the price barrier...

I love clothing, shoes, handbags (especially handbags) and all things accessories. In addition to being an artsy film/music nerd, I’m also a clotheshorse. It’s evil, really. The only way that I can fiscally manage all of these expensive habits is by being quite choosy about what I buy and rarely ever paying the sticker price. Yeah, that’s right – I stalk clothing until it goes on sale.

So this past weekend, I broke with my very sensible shopping habits and blew $200 (well, $193) on a pair of Guess jeans. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from the Guess store in my entire life, but man, these are the ass-lover of all jeans. I think I’m a little in love with myself in these things. Typically, running sneakers are the only item I’d spend more than $150 on. So don’t be shy about staring at my ass the next time you see me, it makes the $200 seem worth it. Go ahead… look at it! Love it! (But please ask before touching…)

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

JC is the new K-OS

He didn’t quite give me the elevator, so much as stagger in my direction while giving me the once-over with one somewhat bloodshot eye. He belted back the rest of what looked like rye, and tripped over his own feet on his way out the door. Girls and boys… K-OS.

As you all know, we’ve been ardent fans of K-OS for quite some time (although through the duration of this period, he’s been dead to me – Greektown called dibs). I think last night’s combo of yet another great performance from Jason Collett versus K-OS being stinking drunk did in whatever was left of the wholehearted fan-dom. I mean, he’s not dead to us or anything, I’m sure we’ll be back on the bandwagon when they put out a new album, but for the interim, we’re done. Jason Collett is the new K-OS. And in keeping with that, we’ll be seeing him for the third (my third, Greektown’s fourth) time when he plays Lee’s Palace in December.

Anyhow, last night was the Feist show, featuring Jason Collett as one of the two openers. New Buffalo (seemed okay) was the first up, with JC in the middle. It was a good set, marred only by the rather lackluster enthusiasm from the crowd. By the time we got to JC’s full length set, the crowd was definitely ready for the lady of the evening. Nevertheless, he put on a great show – especially his rendition of Hangover Days with Leslie Feist herself. The tune with Ms. Feist playing drums was also awesome (totally had a girl crush).

Feist was the biggest surprise for me. I’ve had her album for about a year now, and expected her to be kind of drippy – you know – kind of sappy. I was in no way prepared for her voice or her rockin’ out attitude throughout the show. For much of it, she was a one-woman show, doing some really amazing techie-stuff called “looping” (?), where she basically used a sound board and separate mic to record her own background vocals / harmony and guitar. I’ve never seen anything like it. Her rendition of the Bee Gees song Inside Out blew me away, with the whole of JC’s band and New Buffalo coming out to sing along, choir-style. On the whole, I was absolutely amazed by her talent, voice and stage presence. This was $30 extremely well spent and she’s won me over as a full-on fan.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Death Cab at the Kool Haus

Death Cab For Cutie - DCFC…. You know when you have super-high expectations for something and amazingly, it still delivers? Saturday night’s DCFC show at the Kool Haus was that kind of show. I’ve been listening to them for about a year now, first their cd Transatlanticism and now their latest, Plans. Both cds are amazing. The show was incredible. The Kool Haus has been home to a few disappointing shows over the past year, but this one more than made up for it…yeah, I know… gush, gush. Interesting crowd too – the older, hipster gang was there – you know them – the “we’ve followed them from the beginning” people, as were an interesting mix of what I’d call everyday people (like me) and the under-18 crowd.

For a pretty mellow sounding group, these guys were remarkably energetic on stage, at one point even staging a drum-battle between the main singer and the drummer. Yeah, hard to picture if you know the band, but very entertaining. The vocals were – as Greektown so accurately described them – cd quality, which when you think about it, is pretty incredible given how high he sings. Overall, the set list, the sound, stage presence and their – I don’t know – grateful attitude? The sum was a fantastic set from a mature band at the top of their game. We went in with really high expectations and were well rewarded. Favorite moment of the night? The first song of the encore – I will follow you into the dark – completely carried me away and goes down as one of my favorite concert moments.

In an aside… we were at a movie last night (Two For The Money) and while waiting in line for popcorn, I realized that the song I was humming along to a Death Cab song. That’s right, Death Cab at the Famous Players

Next up – Jason Collett and Feist at the Danforth Music Hall tonight. Starting to feel like a bit of a JC stalker, but whatev – he’s sooooo good. Have I harassed you about buying the cd yet? Do it!! (Do it, just do it. Do it. Do it.)

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

All You Need To Know About... A History of Violence

Movie: A History of Violence
Director: David Cronenberg
Writer: Josh Olsen, adapted from the graphic novels by John Wagner and Vince Locke
Distributor: Alliance Atlantis
Website: http://www.historyofviolence.com/
Viggo Mortensen: Tom Stall
Maria Bello: Edie Stall
Ed Harris: Carl Fogarty
William Hurt: Richie Cusack
Ashton Holmes: Jack Stall
Peter MacNeill: Sheriff Sam Carney

Plot: A History of Violence stars Viggo Mortensen as a pillar of a small town community who runs a diner and lives a happy and quiet life with his wife (Maria Bello) and two children. But their lives are forever changed when Mortensen thwarts an attempted robbery and is lauded as a hero by the media, attracting the attention of some mobsters (William Hurt and Ed Harris) who believe he is someone else.

Comments: (mild spoiler?) I really wanted to like this film. It got such great reviews from the Cannes festival and good buzz at the TIFF, that it wasn’t in fact until about three-quarters through that I realized… I do not like this AT ALL. Greektown, Noogie and I saw this film last night and both Greektown and I disliked it, for mostly similar reasons. Noogie, comparing this to a modern Western, as many reviewers did, liked it. He also suggested that we didn’t like it because we were girls, but lets not let this get ugly…

My thoughts? I found it campy. I though Ed Harris was a caricature of a mobster. William Hurt was horrible. Although the violence was gratuitous, it wasn’t really a problem for me. What I resented was that the story was about a character – Tom, who goes to great pains to leave a shadowy life behind and start fresh and live well, then when confronted with violence from his past, reverts immediately to his old self and then expects to be welcomed back as good old Tom when it’s all over with (does anyone else think that you can kill that many mobsters and then sashay back home and live a peaceful life again??? Helloooo?). It was stupid – what woman would welcome a man like that back into her life and family?

What I really didn’t like about this is that it suggested that violence is an acceptable means to an end, provided that you’re only knocking off other “bad guys.” The ultimate triumph of “good over evil” when good isn’t remotely good, sucked. If you care to engage in lively debate, see it and offer your perspective…

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Another one bites the dust...

What is it with the women in my family? I’m in the minority again, the only one in the group that’s actually dating someone. My baby sister, who started seeing someone around the same time I did, just called it quits – thereby throwing the balance off again. It’s interesting… my mother’s mother has been single since her early 40’s when she divorced her husband. Come to think of it, my father’s mother never remarried after my grandfather died.

I find it kind of fascinating actually, that none of us have settled down. Granted we’re not any of us very old – I’m the eldest and the youngest is nearly mid-twenties. I guess by East coast standards, it’s quite odd that we’re all still single – based on my friends, the average age for women to marry seems to be 23-25. More odd still, is that none of us has that marriage-bug. All of us are for the most part content to do our own thing. Well, that’s not entirely true – the middle sister would like to settle down. I’d like her to pick a gender to date first though…

But unlike the east coast “vetting rituals” (as I like to call dating out there), which involve mostly dating a guy to see if he’s marriage-appropriate, we’re all rather living our lives and fitting the guys in instead of fitting our lives around the guy. Not exactly the norm.

Ah well, I guess I’m used to being odd-man-out in the family – I’m always single when everyone else is coupled up. I do wonder though – will there be a time when all of us are paired up at the same time?

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Friday, October 07, 2005

Things that make me MAD

So I’m out with a friend last night, having a beer at the Volo (OMG, they know us now!!! I’m officially a Torontonian!!! The waitress even knew what beer I wanted!!!) and we get on the topic of this girl he knows and how she’s dying to get engaged. No, what he actually said was “She’s a breeder.” Not as in, she raises dogs or horses, as in “she really wants to have kids.”

OMG, I’ve never heard anything quite as insulting as that. What a HORRIBLE way to describe a woman who wants to have children! So long story short, I got really mad, might have raised my voice a little and called him a chauvinist. Deserved, I think – see below for the dictionary definition:

breed·er n.
1. A person who breeds animals or plants.
2. An animal kept to produce offspring.
3. Offensive Slang. A heterosexual person.
4. A source or cause: social injustice a breeder of revolutions.
5. A breeder reactor.

Even if that woman’s life goal was to have a lot of children, is it any reason to assume that as soon as she does, she ceases to exist as anything other than “someone who pops out a lot of kids?” I am hugely offended by this. I can’t think of any more wonderful, selfless, courageous job in the world than being a mother (make no mistake – I am not wonderful, selfless (HA!!!) or that brave!!). It makes me furious to think that people still demean a woman who chooses to devote herself to raising children at – most of the time – huge expense to her own life and career.

Yup, still mad.

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Mr. Keith

So the day at least got better yesterday – Last night I went to the Leafs Home Opener!! Sporty Spice (who’s working his way into being called “Alison” for the rest of the hockey season) took me to the game – too much fun! We met with friends for drinks before-hand at the downtown Jack Astors then headed for more beer at the ACC. And more beers, and more beers. So much for my resolve to be somewhat well behaved?? Thanks for that Sporty

Anyhow, amazing game, the first NHL sudden-death shoot-out of the new rules. The seats were great – center ice – and the beer – well great. My highlight? Definitely Stompin’ Tom singing “The Good Old Hockey Game” – the coolest thing ever.

So I was sitting next to this girl – about my age – and her boyfriend (picture: a rather loud printed shirt and about 20 years her/our senior). She kept getting mad because this fat guy in our aisle kept squeezing out and in the 2nd, he pushed past us with 47 seconds left. Ass. So she gets a bit mad and mouths off to him (he ignores her) – as he squeezes past me, I say “wow, that’s a teeeeeny bladder” – the girl kills herself laughing.

After the last break, the girl’s boyfriend comes back to the seats with a McCabe (?) jersey as a gift for her. She’s ecstatic and makes a big deal about it. As she’s holding it up in front of her, I elbow Sporty in the ribs and say “see, he bought her a jersey! We’re fighting!” The girl leans over and starts giving Sporty the gears… at the end of the period, when the Senators score their second goal to tie it up, she looks at him and says “maybe if you’d bought her a jersey, we wouldn’t be tied right now.” Even I wouldn’t have made that leap in logic, but clearly it was all Sporty’s fault.

Anyhow, many, many beers later (should have known – Leafs game AND it was Alexander Keiths 210th birthday!), we were happily tearing an Irish Poutine apart at the Irish Embassy. Never had one of those? I encourage you to double up on your cholesterol meds and head over – French fries, garlic mayo and about a pound of cheddar cheese. Best. Fries. Ever.

Great day...

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Goddamn what a stressful week!

The last few months and particularly the last few weeks have been crazy busy at work. I don’t know what happened except that I leave late every night and never feel like I’ve gotten everything done.

So all of that aside, my big stress this week has been my grandmother and mother both going in for surgery (at different hospitals). My grandmother was in on Monday and my mother went in yesterday. It sucks being so far away with all of that going on. Luckily my brother is still out East and was great about being the main contact this week.

So, despite being seriously overworked, those nurses are so great about taking a few minutes to bring me up to speed. My grandmother’s nurse was fantastic – I asked her if my grandmother wanted a tv, and I wanted to make sure that she had enough money with her and off the nurse went to double check. It’s such a relief! And the same was true of my mother’s nurse, she had all the post-op details, knew that mom’s therapeutic touch person had been with her in the recover room, etc.

So it seems as though everything went as well as it possibly could and both will be released in the next day or so. My brother will be pretty busy going between their houses, but otherwise, things should be good. And on my end, I’m amazed at how much a person can get done from so far away. It’s the first time anything like this has happened and now I know it’s manageable.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I kind of got a speeding ticket...

I got a damn speeding ticket on Saturday (allow me to re-iterate that I HATE driving in the city), while heading to pick up my sister for a trip to IKEA. The cop nailed me in a speed trap just past a school. Note to all Toronto drivers: it is always 40 km / hr in front of schools. Yeah, I had no idea – it’s not like that out east and I don’t pass any school zones on my way to work, so guess I missed that. So the cop pulls me over and tells me he caught me doing 58km/hr. At this point I had no idea the speed limit in the area was 40 km/hr, so I kind of thought it was funny that he was stopping me for a big 8 km/hr over the limit…

Anyhow, he asks me if I want to come over and see the radar machine because he’s saved my speed in the machine. Of course I want to see this! So he walks me through how the machine works – shows me my speed, shows how far I was from the radar when he caught me. Then he tells me to look through the little window. “See that red laser dot? That’s where your car was when I caught you.” “Maybe this is a dumb question, but the red laser dot is right on the white line between the two lanes. How do you know that you clocked my car?” He smiled. “I guess that’s something you’d want to bring up in court.” Hmmm.

Anyhow, I ended up not being able to find my registration anywhere so he let me off the hook for that, but gave me a ticket for speeding. “Don’t pay this,” he said. “Book a court date, come and see me that day and I’ll give you a break on the points. If you pay the ticket today, you lose 3 points immediately. Don’t do that. I’ll give you a break and all you’ll have to do is pay the $60 fine.” This is like no ticket I’ve ever gotten! So off I went, with my sort-of ticket… That’s the least mad I’ve ever been about something like that…

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