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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

You love WHO??

So I flew my mother in from the East Coast on Saturday and we hung out over the long weekend until today, when she flew home. The reason for her visit? Well, other than seeing me in my natural habitat and some mother-daughter bonding, the main reason for her visit was the Elton John (link includes set list!!) show last night at the ACC (Air Canada Center). So tickets were $125 a pop for our corporate seats (love the corporate seats – how do people do anything without them??!) and though I was looking forward to the show, it was more about my mother seeing him than me. But if you read my site, you already knew that…

So there we were, 8 PM at the ACC, waiting for the big guy to take the stage… a few minutes past 8 – gotta say, very UN-diva behavior – he came out and for the next two hours and forty-five minutes, it was non-stop music. That’s right – 2 hours and 45 minutes. By the end of it, I was getting tired FOR him… I could only think of one song that he didn’t play – the Lion King song – Can You Feel The Love… Otherwise, I spent the entire night (post-the Peachtree set of 8 rather unknown songs ) saying “Oh I LOVE this song!” I kept forgetting how many great songs he has…

But it wasn’t just the trip through memory lane that I enjoyed – his voice was amazing. He sat at that piano all night and pounded away – the sound was great, the set list amazing and on the whole, probably one of the best concerts I’ve seen – EVER. Here is a guy who hasn’t had a huge song in a really long time, has been around since before I was born – and still comes out and plays with more heart than most bands today that are trying to break into the business. It really, really puts to shame bands like the Killers who show up, play a 1/3 hour set at the Kool Haus (last November – still bitter) with no more passion than I have for washing the dishes. If only all musicians touring today could be more like Elton John… (or the Arcade Fire, or K-OS…)

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