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Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) Starts TODAY!

So last week, Greektown and I sat down with the TIFF book and a bottle of wine (and Swiss Chalet AND chocolate cake) and pored over the schedule and movie descriptions. My selection process is very complicated. First, I like to pick films that I think I’ll actually get – if I chose all galas, I’d not likely get many picks and have to wait in the LONG lineups to exchange coupons for whatever films were left. Second, I wanted a few Canadian films, but not too many, because I can catch the best of them next spring at the TIFF Top Ten Canadian Films mini-festival. Third – avoid in most cases, any film that is likely to come out in theatre in the next few months. Fourth – see a few films that I might never have the chance to see again, including foreign films that might not get distributed/shown in Canada again.

So with all that in mind, and taking into account that I have houseguests from today through Tuesday of next week – I made my picks. I narrowed my picks down to about 30 films, based on interest. Then, I attempted to schedule them all in. Then I chose 10 as my first choice picks and 10 as my second choices. Most of the galas and more mainstream films were my second choices.

On Sunday, I received an email detailing my picks and times. I got an incredible 9/10 first choices!! That NEVER happens. The way the picks are handled is that everyone who buys a pass, 50 coupons, 30 coupons or 10 coupons makes their picks, drops them off and they’re placed in boxes. The boxes are numbered from 1-40. Then they randomly draw a number from 1-40 and whatever number is drawn, those people get their first choices. Then the next number in order and so on. So if the first box drawn is #7, then it completely sucks to be in box 6, ‘cause you’re last. Anyhow, this was the best EVER!

And now, for curiosity’s sake and so you know what I’ll be writing about over the next week and a bit – my picks…

Perpetual Motion
Elizabethtown (the only big-name movie I chose)
One Last Thing…
Bam Bam and Celeste
April Snow
Gronholm Method
50 Ways of Saying Fabulous
La Vie Avec Mon Père

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