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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

That crusty white stuff looks like... No, it couldn't be...

So I guess I’ll write about Elizabethtown tomorrow because last night was too good not to write about today. Greektown and I caught One Last Thing last night at the Varsity and it is the storybook festival story… if you take into account that Greektown and (especially) I are a bit mental AND shifty-crafty.

So we’re in the queue, waiting to get into the theatre and we’re pretty well situated given that I showed up quite early, thinking that the film started at 9 instead of 930. For once, a good “oops.” Anyhow, Greektown has perfected the art of sitting next to the “reserved” section and therefore elbow-to-elbow with the stars and this evening was no exception. Let me cut to the chase… we were sitting two rows ahead of the star – 16 (?) year old Michael Angarano and when he walked in, I gave him the shoulder. GAVE him the shoulder as in, when I shouldered him, I actually said “shoulder.” Greektown nearly killed herself laughing. Things pretty much went downhill from there… Michael’s pals (co-stars) winked at me the rest of the night, Cynthia Nixon sat behind us and a few seats over as did Gina Gershon. Ethan Hawk sat at the end of the aisle two back (quite far off), BUT (wait for it… wait for it…) Wyclef Jean sat three seats over from Greektown in our aisle. Yes. Wyclef Jean. Sat. Next. To. Us. Oh and after the film, when the lights came up and they were getting ready for the Q&A, Greektown and I were in a heated discussion (probably about whether the woman sitting near Cynthia is her lovah) and something, something, I said to her “Don’t get all up in my grill” – yes, that’s right with Wyclef Jean three seats over. Oh, and also - I might have giggled kind of hysterically when Wyclef was first in the film... ah, he's sitting right next to us. Wyclef Jean. Is. Sitting. Next. To. Us.

So really fantastic celeb stalking night. But wait, there’s more… after the film we walked out and who was standing outside but Ethan Hawk. So naturally, I went over to meet him. Yeah, I might have scared him a bit. I put my hand on his arm and when he turned around I launched into one of my normal “sidebar” type comments “I feel like I’m manhandling you, or woman handling, as the case may be… so, mind if I get a picture with you?” Perhaps I scared him a little or maybe Ethan is just not one of the nice guys – he mumbled something about not wanting to take pictures because if he did, he’d be there all night. Personally, I think he didn’t want to do pictures because he had a suspicious crusty white spot on the front of his suit. Ick. I think that I looked as unimpressed as I felt because he did however say, “But I do want to meet you. Hi, I’m Ethan” and shook my hand. Oh no j'ou di'int!! Meh, Ethan Hawke, Meh!

I did however snap a pick with Michael, whom as you’ll recall, I shouldered earlier in the evening. He was most obliging. But perhaps just a bit too young for me

Following is the review.

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