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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It's all a big joke?

Ha, ha, ha… I’m afraid of commitment. How many times have I said that? So why was I devastated when last week I found an article that profiles the characteristics of the Commitment-phobe?

It was a little too “in your face” when I read that the commitment-phobe chooses unavailable people to date. Ouch. I’m a (bit of a) mixed-messager. It’s how I keep things at a certain level… getting too close for comfort? How about I become a wall for a while? And the worst realization of all… I’m an active-phobic. Yes, I gasp for air at the thought of marriage. Yes, I’d say there are definitely some fears involved – mainly failure and perfection… The upside is that I don’t think I’m looking for a perfect person or have any fantasies about the perfect marriage. I’m more in the market for someone as flawed as myself. Ooops, I guess that takes me back to unavailable again. Damn this tricky little phobia.

So the problematic thing about this article is that there doesn’t seem to be any advice for us commitment-phobes other than avoid them. That seems complicated. Am I too far gone? Seriously, I’m 29, is this still funny?

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