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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

In other news…

Metric is coming out with a new album, as are Broken Social Scene. Greektown keeps bragging about the fact that she already has the BSS cd on her iPod. Boo hiss. On a weirder note, Buck 65 is touring with the Barenaked Ladies (Massy Hall). Love Buck 65 but I would NEVER have put the two together. Gotta say that I’m thrilled that he’s going to get so much mainstream exposure and thanks to BNL for picking up on such a great East Coast talent!!

I am super-pumped about the Leafs home opener – against Ottawa – next week. Sporty got tix and for some crazy reason decided to take me. FYI Sporty, Wednesday night is also the 30th birthday of Alexander Keiths and we are SO going out for many more beers post-game. UNB Alumni have a thing at Fionn McCools and I think we should meet up with Greektown there – then you’ll really know what partying with maritimers is really all about (as if playing “Bar/Home” really tells you…).

Finally, Halloween. Are you pumped? Are you ready? A friend of mine invited me to his Villains and Heroes party and though I don’t plan to attend, I am totally stealing the idea. I love that this city is big enough to get away with that!! So gang, start thinking about costumes and FYI, in case you didn’t hear my declaration last night at dinner… I AM WONDER WOMAN. (Can anyone tell me what she wears, other than red and blue and the all important tiara??)

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