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Friday, September 30, 2005

I'll Say It Again...

I love Jason Collett!
Last night’s show at the Phoenix was amazing. Fantastic! Jason Collett opened for Metric last night, sandwiched in between the headliner and a band called Lovely Feathers (okay… kinda meh). We arrived (after yet another fantastic meal at the Living Well on Yonge Street – best catfish ever!) just in time for me to pick up a JC cd and have him sign it.

He took the stage with a bassist, two other guitarists, a drummer, keyboard guy and two guys on pipes (Sax and trombone – think the sax player was from the Stills? The keyboard guy might have been from the Stars?). Oh, and he was also joined on vocals by the girl from the Stars and Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene. There are no words.

He worked his way through an amazing set – mostly songs from his new album, Idols of Exile (which, if you don’t have it – why don’t you have it? What’s wrong with you? Order it now!) and joined at one point on stage by a very un-glammed Emily Haines of Metric for my favorite song on the album, Hangover Days. I’ve listened to the cd many, many times and never really caught the Dylan quality of his voice or the early Van Morrison sound of his music until I’d heard it live. This was hands-down one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while – he is spectacular live. Which is great news, because apparently he’s opening for Leslie Feist in October. How excited am I??

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