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Monday, September 26, 2005

Finally! The Horseshoe... and in other news...

As an avid concertgoer, I’ve been to nearly every significant indie venue in the city… with the exception of both the Horseshoe and the Rivoli. Well, now it’s just the Rivoli left to conquer as I saw Montreal band Boy on Saturday night at the Horseshoe. The venue was great – teeming with musical history – and the band was fantastic. We saw Boy as the opener for Ambulance Ltd. a few months back at the Mod Club and shortly after that show, I ordered their latest disc from Amazon.

Here is something that intrigues me… at every single show that I’ve been to and stood close to the front, there has been some kind of really crazy-dancing guy. They range from full-on flailing to humping the speakers to my favorite guy who pounded on the amps while head-banging (Mod Club of course, they have the best crazy dancers and the best venue from which to observe them). Who are these people? They all look normal, and yet there they are, head-banging to really, really, un-head-banger type-music. I don’t get it. But please don’t stop because Greektown and I really enjoy the entertainment.

My new favorite game of spot the strippers during Saturday’s shift change has been slightly changed to spot the hooker on the subway train. Greektown and I have a bit of a guilty pleasure playing spot-the-stripper… we’re rarely wrong and it’s really quite a fun game. Well, Friday night I was on the subway heading West and this woman got on the train at Ozzington station. She wasn’t dressed provocatively at all, but something about her face/makeup just gave her away. The gig was up when she got off the train at Lansdowne Station. I am sad that this is one of my newly acquired Toronto skills.

In other news, Sunday afternoon was spent with Greektown and the Bride at Word On The Street at Queen’s Park. It was a bit disappointing – I thought that there would be better deals. I did however pick up a subscription to Toronto Life Magazine and Richard Wright’s book Adultery. That goes on the pile... We followed up our tour through the park with dinner at my new favorite restaurant, the Volo Café. Yummy, yummy beer, I must say. I’m really looking forward to their Cask Days in October.

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