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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Whaddya do?

So according to Toronto Police, the recent rash of shootings, drive-bys and gun-related deaths (10 deaths in 21 shooting incidents over the last three weeks) are not related to gang activities. The officer then cites one example of a shooting related to a robbery. Whew… that’s ONE shooting explained – how about the other 20???

Drugs and gangs, turf wars and general tensions are being blamed for the seemingly endless stream of shootings. More police are being put on the street immediately, targeted to “problem areas,” (Good, they can also look for that nut-job Todd Smith who walked out of the halfway house leaving a note that stated “he’d never be taken alive.”) which I can only imagine includes my neighborhood… But seriously… if it’s not gun shootings, it’s escapees from halfway houses!

So how to deal (Not the movie of the same name with Mandy Moore!)? When the police added more cops to the North West end of Toronto, the gun violence moved downtown (to my ‘hood!!!). We’re adding more cops there – so what happens when it moves somewhere else?
A few weeks ago, the Star published a Summer Survival Guide that included stuff like What to do when meeting a celebrity, how to not get killed driving a bike downtown, and believe it or not, how to survive a shooting. Shooting survival tips included: having an escape route, ducking behind cars… etc. You know shootings in Toronto have gotten out of control when…

It’s an odd feeling to have that general uneasiness about my neighborhood. I mean, I always knew that the side streets around me were pretty sketchy and I always avoid them. And the shootings were all blocks away from me – in an area I’d never have occasion to visit anyway. And when was the last time I was wandering the streets at 3 AM? (Okay, maybe not that long ago… piss.)

So how am I to deal with gun violence in my ‘hood? I guess that I just have to be more careful when I’m out and about at night – do stuff like perhaps spending the few dollars to jump on the Subway at 1 in the morning when I would normally just walk along main roads. But if I do this, am I giving in? I guess not. Giving in would be to consider a relocation uptown… Yonge & Eglington? Ugh, I can’t! This really gets under my skin. I like my neighborhood and really don’t want to feel unsafe and REALLY don’t want to feel chased away.

Escapee Todd Smith:

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