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Friday, August 05, 2005

Romance is not dead...

I admit to right now, having a bit of a crush on Greektown’s brother, Capital City. Recently attending the Blues Festival in Ottawa, Capital City got caught in a downpour and gratefully accepted the kind offer of shelter from a girl with an umbrella. The two huddled, chatting under the umbrella for much of the evening. It turned out that the girl actually lived in a house that Capital City’s friend used to occupy. At the end of a lovely evening, they parted ways and alas, he forgot to ask for the girl’s phone number.

He did however, have her address… so Capital City summoned his courage and decided to send the girl a postcard… unable to find any "artsy" postcards--only postcards about Ottawa or Canada—he settled on a scene of people skating on the Canal because it seemed outrageously out of season. (but seriously debated the postcard of the Mountie with the really bad moustache…hmmm…). Here is what it said…

I just wanted to send a quick note to say that it was a pleasure to meet you, and to thank you for letting me stay a bit drier in the downpour by sharing your umbrella. It was truly fascinating to meet someone who shares my passion for knitting while DJs spin vinyl.
I had such a great time that evening that I wanted to suggest that you bring me along on all of your dates. I could provide witty banter, transportation and...well...towels. You could provide the umbrella and jaunty ankle jewellery.
In any case, feel free to call me at 555-5555 if any of this sounds like fun to you. Take care!
- Capital City

PS - I think I'm obliged to say "having a fun time in Ottawa"

The girl, of course, called Capital City and they have a date on Saturday. Which is great, because his backup plan was to scope out her building's parking lot for the best angle at which to stand, while holding his ghetto blaster over his head and playing her favourite song --which he would have to take a total shot in the dark at... he was leaning towards "I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)" by Meat Loaf. Lucky girl… on many fronts

So Capital City, may I offer some advice going forward: On the first date, bring flowers… I suggest old school roses – pink. On the second date, a picnic along the canal. On the third date… well, again, I’d go old school – Trojans instead of the trendy Lifestyles

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