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Friday, August 26, 2005

Oddball things on my to-do list:

  • Find a gun range in Toronto and learn to shoot a handgun… not for any reason other than I’m not good at very many things in life, but I am great shot with a hunting rifle. I feel I should not neglect my talents. Does anyone know of a gun range in Toronto?? The closest one that I've found is in Barrie.
  • Go to a strip club. Yeah, I’m really not a fan, I’ve always looked rather disapprovingly upon the whole thing and really, have a whole idea of what goes on in there that may or may not be true. (I’m probably UNDER-estimating how nasty they are?).
  • On the other hand… take a stripper-pole dance class. They have those you know… I can't find a gun range, but stripper-pole dance classes I'm all over!
  • Buy a tazer gun. This might involve going into the states and trying to sneak it back into the country. I’m not sure where all this protect-thyself-related to-do stuff is coming from other than someone got tazered last night on Veronica Mars and it seems really cool.
  • Learn how to mix records. Spin records? Whad'ya call this? Again, this just seems really cool. I basically want to be Li'l Jaz...

That’s all I’ve got for right now. I think I’m forgetting something, but I left the actual to-do list (which Greektown and I put together last night while drinking red wine and eating chocolate cake) on my kitchen counter this morning.

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