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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Now THIS is baseball!

2-1 Jays vs. Indians

Sporty Spice:Did you know that the Cleveland Indians don’t actually have any Native Americans on their team? It’s mostly Puerto Ricans and Americans…”
B/E/G:I know that I gave you my corporate seats, but if you have no one to go with, I’m back in… but don’t take the ticket away from someone else, that would make me an Indian giver…”

Alright, so we’re wildly politically incorrect, but so began our weekend of baseball, baseball and more baseball. I had originally planned to go to Saturday’s game, gave my tickets away because it was my sister’s last weekend in Toronto, and then she and I ended up heading down at the last minute. It was just one of those days where plans get changed every other minute… in keeping with that – instead of picking up tickets in the 500s for $12, I ended up negotiating with a scalper in the Skywalk for Premium Dugout tickets – section 123, 16 rows up. UNBELIEVABLE. The tickets faced for $55, were $60 as a walk up and we got them for $35 apiece. We even had cupholders… for a game against one of the best teams in the AL, neck and neck (and neck) with the Angels and Yankees for the wild card race…

The game was great, although Hillenbrand wasn’t playing (boo hiss, he’s my favorite). I was sitting next to two old ladies, attending the game with a full picnic no less… I was a bit worried about my language around them, until about halfway through the game when the lady next to me turns towards me and says in a low voice:
Old Lady #1:I’m from a small town and I’m wondering if that’s a man and a man” (points to the person in front of us with pierced ears, about 5’10, wearing a black dress shirt with they’re arm around a shorter man with a mustache).
Old Lady #2My husband thinks it’s a woman, but I think it’s a man
B/E/G: “My sister and I were just having this discussion! We think it’s two men!”

Yes everyone, I got to play “Is that a man or a woman” with the two old ladies… Too much fun!

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