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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My mother hates you.

So in my lifetime, I’ve had three serious long-term relationships – one that lasted four years (we lived together for awhile) and ended when he proposed, one that lasted three years and ended when he asked me to move to Halifax with him (and have eight kids) and of course, Ebola (one year). My mother has of course, met all of these guys and because I’m so close with my family, she’s spent quite a bit of time with all except Ebola.

She’s never liked any of them.

I envy all of you who have two parents at home, so that you always have the good cop / bad cop thing happening when you introduce someone to your parents. I just have a make-everyone-really-uncomfortable mother. Case in point: last March, my mother comes to Toronto to help me apartment hunt before my big move and she’s meeting Ebola for the second time… The three of us are headed out to brunch and we’re walking up Yonge Street. We walk by a panhandler. Once we’ve passed him, my mother looks at Ebola and asks “do you ever give money to people on the streets? If so why? If not, why not? How does it make you feel to walk by these people?” So we’ve already walked by the guy, Ebloa did not give him money – how awkward is this?! This is what she likes to do – try to catch them off guard, then judge. If I didn’t actually like these people and didn’t really value my mother’s opinion, it would be really fun to watch! (There’s a reality tv show idea for you… meet the mother.) It’s like a car wreck. A few weeks ago, my mother told me that she really likes my baby sister’s boyfriend – a cop that’s ten years older (he’s actually the same age as the guy I’m seeing!). All signs point to: my mother should hate him, but when I ask what it is that she likes about him, my mother says: “He’s not scared of me.” How do you ever prepare anyone for this?

So for this reason, I’m of course, really hesitant to ever introduce anyone to my mother. I rarely do. Who wants to go through all this unless things are really going somewhere??? Which leads me to my current dilemma – my mother is visiting in a few weeks and what the hell am I going to do about the current dude? I was feeling kind of good about the situation because the dude and I had a bit of a chat over the weekend and I was pretty sure that we were on the same page – we even talked about the whole meeting parents issue and decided that there was no need to rush down that road. Very cool. Until Sunday afternoon, when Mr. Shifty McTricky sneak attacked me with an intro to his parents. So now what? Feed him to the lion?

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