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Friday, August 19, 2005

Make Friends With The Centipedes.

So I headed to Home Depot this week to pick up some assorted bug sprays and powders because my apartment is overrun with centipedes. I am not happy.

I have no problem with scooping and flushing the occasional bug, spider, centipede or whatever. But the once a month, then once a week, and now every other day (and two on Wednesday morning) crush and flush routine has got me completely freaked.

So, yes I’m quite girly, but I like to think I have a legitimate reason for being so freaked that I haven’t really slept well for the last week… I had a bit of an issue in my last year of school – four of us rented a ramshackle house that ended up having rats (one died under the floorboards over Christmas break), mice, bees, carpenter ants (they were in Cowgirl’s room – she’d come home from class and have to wipe the sawdust off of her desk every day… they’d leaver her little messages, like “time to study…” Friendly bunch of ants, really), and spiderstons of spiders.

Our vacuum, (a retro model we called R2) was used more for sucking up spiders than anything else. We’d do a sheet check every night before bed… Although we sort of got used to them, we were never thrilled about finding them in our beds. So this one night, I go off to sleep – and I am a SOUND sleeper – the only thing that wakes me up is, say, a kick in the back or elbow to the head (I’m not naming names, but…) – anyhow, I fall asleep and the next thing you know, I sort of half wake up because my forehead is itchy. I brush my forehead and fall back asleep. Minutes later, it happens again. I sit up, turn on the light and a HUGE spider is on my pillow. The effing thing was so big IT WOKE ME UP WHEN IT WALKED ON MY FACE. So I kind of have a thing against creepy crawlies.

Anyhow, so the centipedes. I (obviously) called an exterminator to have them come in and rid me of the pests (centipedes are NOT insects, they’re considered pests. Interestingly, centipedes are related to lobsters, shrimp and crayfish – little known fact). The exterminator guy was most obliging, but informed me that they wouldn’t guarantee the work because I’m on one of the top floors and “they are ground pests – they’re not originating from your unit, so we can’t guarantee the work unless we’re finding the source. Great. He did mention that he was happy to come in, at $125 a pop, to exterminate as many times as I thought necessary. Gee, thanks.

Anyhow, several calls to the building manager later… they’re having a pest control company come in and take care of them Monday. Although I haven’t seen any in the apartment for the last two days, I think this morning I killed the centipede that ate the tarantula that lives in a vent over my parking space. In the interim, I guess I just keep my shoes on!

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