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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Don't ask a guy.

So I was out for drinks with a co-worker friend a few years back (who’s visiting next week… fun!) and I was at the time, contemplating new frames for my glasses. I like to get new frames every couple of years, keep it fresh and all. So I asked my co-worker what he thought of my glasses…

BEG: Whaddya think of my glasses?
Co-Worker: (thoughtful) Well, there are cool glasses, you know – trendy – and then there are yours.


So I’m back on the prowl for new frames (found them I think, FCUK frames – very trendy) and was asking a guy friend what he though of my glasses…

BEG: Whaddya think of my glasses?
DUDE: Well, they’re functional. You can see with them. You should probably wear them.

Just for the record, my glasses are the (still) very trendy rimless kind that I plan to keep wearing even after I pick out a new pair (despite the fact that they appear functional!!!).

Perhaps I should stick to asking the opinion of my NSLPs – though they’re my life partners, I needn’t worry about them giving honest opinions… We’re a beeyatchy bunch, but tactful.

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