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Thursday, August 25, 2005

And Nevermore Shall I See the Sun... Or Maybe Not?

Ever since I moved to downtown Toronto, I’ve been hearing about this mysterious “PATH” that traverses the downtown core and allows people to go from Front Street, all the way to – rumors sayBloor Street and some say even as far north as Eglington. I’ve been on the PATH before, as has anyone who lives downtown. But none of us, even those who’ve been in Toronto for years, knew how far the PATH extended – until now. I recently discovered a copy of the PATH map on a real estate site while shopping for condos.

Spanning a total distance of 27 kilometers, the PATH goes from Yonge & Dundas (including Red Lobster) to the Skydome (ahem, Rogers Center). It traverses the Eaton Center, The Bay, extends to Roy Thompson Hall and the CBC building as well as Union Station and the Air Canada Center. Sadly, it does not include the Yonge & Bloor underground shopping labyrinth.

One thing I’ve noticed of late is the overwhelming bias towards the West End of Toronto. Although there are certainly lovely areas in the East Side (Beaches… but who can afford it?!), the subway system is developed on the West side only, as is the PATH. I guess the East Enders have the DVP to console themselves with?

I suspect that my next move / condo purchase will be a West Side Story. In the interim, prepare yourselves for a trek through the PATH!

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