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Monday, August 15, 2005

And I thought Scarborough was bad....

For the last several weeks, even preceding the Caribana shooting sprees, (According to Greektown, “somebody always gets shot during Caribana weekend.”) the number of shootings, murders and murders by guns have been splashed across newspaper covers and are the lead news items on radio and TV. Mayor David Miller even came home early from his vacation, dug around a bit and scrounged up money to hire 150 new police officers in Toronto to deal with the situation.

I’ve often made jokes about how dangerous my work ‘hood is. People frequently get shot in the neighborhoods surrounding our building. That being said, I’m generally out of here by 7 PM latest and safe and sound back downtown by the time the thugs hit the streets (well, there was that one time that a cop was shot in the face during the day, but that was at least two years ago…).

But am I safe and sound downtown? I always thought of my home ‘hood as pretty safe. I’m within walking distance of some pretty sketchy neighborhoods, but I’ve never felt any danger where I am. The last few weeks have sort of led me to question that a bit. Last night there was a drive-by shooting two blocks from me that killed someone. Last weekend, there was another shooting just South West of that one and again, within walking distance. And here I was making fun of Scarborough… (I frequently tease my sister, who’s living / working in Scarborough for the summer about the fact that when there’s a murder anywhere in the GTA, they refer to the intersection closest to the scene (Scarlett & Lawrence, Jane & Finch, etc…) whereas whenever there’s a shooting in Scarborough, all they say is “shooting death in Scarborough” and that about covers it, because so much of it is sketchy.)

So I guess I have to stop making fun of everyone else’s neighborhoods and keep my head up a little more in my own. Oh, and duck for cover whenever a “black SUV” drives by after midnight… Hmmm, more on this tomorrow. Oh, and coming up… a review of The Aristocrats!!!

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