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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Where were you last night?

That’s what his card said, with a website listed on the back. If I’d known I was going to be on a website this morning, I might have done something a little more camera-worthy… oh well. Next time a super-glammed dude wants to take my picture at a show, I’ll know.

So there we were, listening to VHS or BETA, the opener for Controller.Controller at Lee’s Palace. I love Lee’s Palace… it’s dark and grungy and I absolutely love that the renovations amounted to moving the bar to the side and not even freshening the peeling black paint on the stage area. It’s a great little venue… I’ve seen Hayden, The Constantines, Matt Mays and El Torpedo and now Controller.Controller. Yeah, anyway, back to VHS or BETA… I really liked a few of their songs, despite their singer sounding like Simon LeBon (?). The music, an electronica meets rock, was really great and were it not for them sounding like they’d kidnapped the Duran Duran dude, I think I could really be into them. On the upside, the VHS or BETA singer looks like he has a serious case of anorexia, so things may turn up…

On the break, I wandered over to the merch table to pick up the Controller.Controller cd. I get back to our coveted side spot and mention to Greektown that the girl who sold me the cd was really friendly and thanked me for buying it… Greektown takes a wander over to the table, comes back and informs me that I just bought the cd from the Controller.Controller singer. Fun!

So I loved Controller.Controller. I got into my car this morning and slipped their cd in and had a blissful drive to work (alright, maybe not blissful, but I didn’t honk at anyone, unlike yesterday’s drive home…). Nirmala’s voice was great, although somewhat drowned out at times and the band had such a great energy. The songs flowed into each other, barely leaving us time to clap in between. Overall, a great set.

So we’re walking to the subway and just as we’re about to head into the station, Greektown pulls, well, she was basically ME, around say, Colin Firth… she grabs my arm and heads back to where three teen boys are hanging by the newspaper boxes… “Omigod I love your show! I love it! I get up every Saturday to watch it! I learned more about science watching your show than I did in high school or university!” At this point, I have no idea who these three – I don’t know? - 15 year olds (to me, anyone under 30 is 10 years old) – are… So we start to walk away after one of the boys chats with Greektown for a minute (I don’t know if he wanted to hit on us or run away…), when Greektown wheels around: “Are you shooting anymore shows?” The same boy informs us that yes, they are shooting three more episodes.

So off we go, into the station and as we’re walking in, I’m giving her the WTF look (more of move than a look – mouth agape, head shaking, hands pleading for an explanation). I’m usually the crazy person around celebrities and here she is, mental over who I’m assuming is the gang from Degrassi Junior High… Turns out it was a few actors from something, something Wolsey High (or as I like to call it, Wild About Science). I laughed so hard on the subway ride back to Bloor that my stomach still hurts this morning… “I learned more about science watching your show than I ever did in high school or university?????” I mean, oh yeah, I’m not 28 years old and watching a pre-teen show… AND gushing over the 10 year old actors…" NOTHING pervy about that!!!

So I’m walking into the lobby of my building, waiting for the elevator and thinking it just does not get any better than this… when the elevator door opens, and out struts a drag queen resplendent in 6” heels, huge blond hair to his/her waist and wearing the shortest miniskirt EVER. I step into the elevator and as he/she sashays out of the lobby I notice that on the back of his/her skirt is the word (parental advisory) cunt. Yeah, not bad for a Wednesday night. That’s where I was beeyatches….

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