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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ode to the FEM-Mullet...

I LOVE fem-mullets. I’ve actually named my recreational sporting teams the Fem-mullets. One of the best I’ve ever seen was at the curling club in Woodstock, New Brunswick (don’t EVEN ask why I was there – I plan on NEVER going back!). It was a peroxide white, super short spiky top with longish back and about a 5-8 inch-long rat tail. Yeah, in case you’re wondering when I saw this beauty – it was a year and a half ago. They are right out of the dark ages…

So I’m wandering around Walmart today and what do I spy… a FABULOUS fem-mullet – I mean FABULOUS! As in, “You’re my favorite!” the best I’ve seen in a while, mullet. Complete with FANNY PACK, no less. Awesome.

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