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Monday, July 04, 2005

My very first Pride weekend!

So I have to confess that this year I AGAIN missed the Pride Parade… I had to fly home for sales meetings out East… I know, boo hiss! I did however, manage to participate in a few events, the Dyke March and a Drag King show called “Genderfukt” that a friend performed in. The Dyke March, very conveniently, passed right below our rooftop patio, so all I had to do was stick my slightly hung-over head over the edge and snap a few photos and I was there!

The city takes on a new kind of energy this week – so many more people around! I live on the fringe of the Gay Village in downtown TO and the neighborhood (or gayborhood as it’s more commonly called) was alive – festooned with pride flags, banners, posters announcing shows – we were covered in Pride. The Toronto Pride festival is the largest in North America and brings in over 100 million in tourism dollars for the city each year. Already a very open place, the city’s neighborhoods open their doors to visitors and host events throughout the downtown.

Genderfukt – the drag king show – took place in Little Italy at a spot called Sneaky Dees – typically a small / indie band venue, the bar was packed beyond capacity to hold the event. And what an event!! It was awesome! There were a few more breasts than I care to see, (flashing back to Mexico…) but the show was so good! My absolute favorite skit was by the Wet Spots – a naked guy with a guitar and a woman wearing pasties and panties, draped in pearls. They sang a song called “Do You Take It (in the ass)” and it is some kind of a catchy tune! Please click through to their website and sing along with the song!!! I’ve now even got my mother singing it! My other favorite moment was when Greektown’s brother, Capital City – the only straight guy in the bar - screamed out one of the performer’s names “Roxy Heartbreaker!!” at the top of his lungs. It was a bit of a moment…

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