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Friday, July 29, 2005

Lloyd Dobler is ruining it for the rest of us...

Frequently cropping up in our discussions of late (around campfires, in restaurants and while sitting in my living room, drinking the last of the beer in my fridge after a long day of… drinking), is the Lloyd Dobler conundrum. What the hell am I talking about??? Shame on you! I’m referring to the romantic leading man of all 80’s movies… John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler, in Cameron Crowe’s film, Say Anything. Lloyd somehow manages to come across as hopelessly romantic as he serenades Diane, with his boom box playing “In Your Eyes.” Sigh…

Now any guy trying today to emulate that moment would come across as stalkerish, desperate and would likely have a restraining order slapped against him. That notwithstanding, I don’t know of a girl who wouldn’t appreciate some kind of grand gesture. I think dating has turned into something almost business-like, as we examine, evaluate, rate and slowly, slowly, allow glimpses of ourselves to show and usually ending things before we really get to know each other. But deep, deep, deep down inside I think we all love the idea of the guy we’re crushing on giving us a Dobler moment. And the fact that it never happens is a little heartbreaking. I wonder if a Dobler guy would get a much better chance than the average-I-have-no-feelings-guy… speaking for myself… I think so.

And hey, I’m a liberated girl… I think that we’re just as capable of the big romantic move… But yeah, I’m just as bad at this as everyone else and I’m certainly no grand gesture girl… I just think the idea of someone putting it all out there, laying bare their soul, so to speak, is so unbearably romantic and brave. It just won’t be me.

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