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Friday, July 08, 2005

Back to the East Coast... For a wedding, this time.

Brace yourselves for some sappy-ness - this is gonna get ugly!

I'm back at the beach, this time for something a lot more interesting than
meetings... My brother is getting married! He's one of the middle children
- we're four children, by the way - and he's the only boy. He is also the
first to get married in our lot - extending the family name and all that.
Not that there's ever been pressure for me (the eldest) to settle down -
quite the opposite, in fact. I think my mother would rather I fund her
retirement, instead of having my own family. Quite fine with me - other
than the giving-her-all-of-my-money part...

So I'm not typically a terribly public person when it comes to emotional
displays (I have issues - ask anyone), however I can already feel the prick
of tears behind my eyes at the thought of the whole wedding process. Or
maybe I'm just nervous about getting drunk and heckling the people from
Tracadie (I have to stop making fun of that place!!). Oh, did I mention I'm
the master of ceremonies? Yeah, apparently they already had someone lined
up as flower girl - boo hiss. I'm sure it will be quite a scene and you'll
get to hear all about it next week! I'd like to make a few predictions...
My grandmother will get drunk, I'll get drunk, my baby sister will get
drunk... Yeah, love East Coast weddings!

PS - got off the plane last night and went DIRECTLY to the Rockin' Rodeo

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