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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Am I really going to do it??!?

Am I really going to run a marathon?

So the training continues… 16 km long runs – 19 next week… its crazy! With all the traveling back and forth to the East Coast and other Friday night diversions (like last week’s K-OS show and this week’s trip to Out Of Africa’s cottage), I’ve been doing a lot of the long runs on my own during the week, which hasn’t been easy. But I’ve not missed one yet!

I sort of feel like the training has taken over my life. I’m always thinking about my next run. I plan my week’s activities around my long runs… I even plan meals and drinks around it! Most disturbing however, are my new shopping habits. I buy Powerade by the case. I know the nutritional facts on Power Gels. I’m stalking the city looking for eload and I find that every shopping trip somehow involves the purchase of a running-related item (ah, Puma sample sale and I come out with a running vest – boo hiss!). Anyone who dropped by my apartment unannounced would be welcomed by sports clothing and bras draped over furniture, drying out before going in the laundry basket (I hide this stuff from visitors). I think about running all the time and when I’m not thinking about it, I’m actually out there doing it.

With 10 weeks until the Toronto Waterfront Scotiabank Half Marathon and the Marine Corp. Marathon not far behind, the very surreal concept of me running 42 kilometers is starting to sink in… Our entry forms for Washington have to be in by early August. Travel plans are being endlessly discussed at each of our run meetings and those of us who had no intention of running in Washington (opting to do something in Toronto instead), are being swayed by the overwhelming enthusiasm everyone seems to have for “The People’s Race.”

So our original plan was never to run the Marine Corp Marathon – too expensive, we’d have to book vacation time, too much hassle. Now, I don’t know how I couldn’t run it. The idea of a couple hundred of my running colleagues out there with me, cheering each other on as we do the run, our coaches out there among us for that extra boost of support and at the end… well, the end of the Marine Corp Marathon is what it’s all about… a hug from a marine (oh, yeah and they give you a medal… medal, sh-medal – give me my hug!). So I guess, officially we’re still working out the details, but if I had to make the decision today about whether or not I was going… today would be a yes.

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