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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

All Things Seafood

So a few years ago, I made a New Years resolution to Try New Things – meaning food. I have been a very picky eater my entire life and decided to finally strive to explore food opportunities that I had always turned my nose up at. Among those things I’ve discovered that I love, is all things seafood. Yeah, that’s right, prior to a few years ago, I ate no seafood – no lobster, no shrimp, crab, mussels, clams, scallops, nothing. I’ve now come to my senses and love it all! That said however, I’ve not yet mastered the art of eating a lobster – until now. As part of our meetings out East last week, we had a social night where our company arranged for our group to take over a converted lobster fishing boat to head out into the ocean for a lobster dinner / cruise. Part of the festivities included hauling in traps, getting an extensive biology lesson on the lobster and detailed instructions on how to cook and eat a lobster.

I’ve always been the girl who eats lobster mostly as a conduit to eating copious amounts of melted butter. Apparently this is not how lobster purists eat lobster… we got instructions on how to meticulously take the lobster apart, starting with the claws, how to drink the liquid from the claws and piece by piece eat the tender, cold, salty, delicious meat. We all sat on brightly painted benches, knee to knee on the boat, cracking apart the lobster and picking out the pieces of tender white meat. IT WAS SO GOOD!!

Aside from my wonderful lobster experience, I also managed to squeeze in a fantastic Seafood Vol-o-Vent, a puff pastry stuffed with shrimp, scallops and topped with a white wine cream sauce – OMG, so good. And no trip back East is complete without the obligatory fried clams (Deluxe).

Yeah, I’m good for, hmmmm, maybe a week before I have to go back for more!?! Although after the seafood FEAST on Sunday night at Red Lobster (how is this not on every street corner?!), I may have to go into withdrawal for a while – a dozen coconut shrimp, crab legs, garlic shrimp and God knows what else… I think I blacked out there for a while. It might have been all the garlic butter. This is definitely getting added to the monthly rotation… I say one month Pizza Delight and the next Red Lobster

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